06 May 2014

Hoodie forever

I have to express my love for hoodies and, as you'll see today, my love for Nike clothes. (Nike doesn't have any idea that I'm advertising them and I don't have any profit here. Just so you know...) Anyhow, hoodies were first very popular among guys, used for sports and any kind of activities, but these days they have become an equal item in our closets for fashion and sporty girls and guys. Here we go...
My personal favorite look today.
Here we have constantly good looking jeans, a bit ripped, but solid ones are just as great.
Nike hoodie is black with girly pink letters and it's great for both fashionable and sporty look. I just love it!
Next on, we have Nike Air Max sneakers. I love them too, and they go great with the whole outfit. They're black and white which is ultimate combination, but are also decorated with a bit of pink. Since this is the color or our combination, this sneakers will fit it perfectly. There's also a bit safer version with only black shoes with the white Nike sign.
Since I love wearing a bunch of bracelets on my wrists, I found this great combination of about a dozen bracelets which match this outfit. For more visible bracelets, pull up your sleeves. Earrings are just an addition if you want them.
The bag is just perfect! It has all the right colors and the design is really going great with the rest of the outfit. It's sporty, but not too sporty. Just the look I was going for!
And there's a hat. Also Nike's and also pink with black. Since the hoodie is black, a bit of pink accessories will do just great.
To start with, I've chosen this beautiful yellow hoodie with a few black stripes that will highlight your body figure.
Next on, there are simple black denim jeans. They go great with everything.
And the combination of black and yellow is just perfect (to me)!!
Again, to match the whole outfit, there are Nike Air Max sneakers in those exact colors. Yellow, black and white. This blue is only a great addition to break the yellow-black monotony.
Bag is, like the one above, sporty but not too much. It's simple and black but with only few yellow details. This means you can practically combine it with everything. Yellow is also a grateful color, like black. (Just be careful you don't have to many colors...)
Out of accessories, I've chosen simple golden hoop earrings or golden with blue stones earrings which match the blue on the sneakers. Either ones will go great with this outfit. 
If you want to look more sporty, put on sweatpants (not leggings!) and lose the earrings.
Here are two more (purple) outfits.
Pay attention to the sneakers in each one. They are either in the colors of the outfit, neutral like black and white, or totally crazy (the right ones).
Accessories are also reduced to the minimum and I've put bunch of bracelets on the right outfit because this hoodie has short sleeves and they will be visible. Also, don't use some fancy jewelry...
Denim jeans are the safest item here you can ever wear so I went with them. 

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