15 November 2018

My 4 black peel off masks

** On a personal note this week: Should kids earn their money?

I have this feeling that my topics are out of date. Like, are peel-off masks still a thing? I'm sure people are still using them, but they're not as popular anymore. Or am I wrong? Regardless, I go down this rabbit hole and I overthink should I post this or not? But here we are.
Recently, which means a year ago, I wrote a post Black peel-off mask: Iroha vs. Balea where I tested both just to see whether price is a key factor or not. If you're interested, just read it. However, today I'm presenting you my 4 black peel-off masks. Surprisingly, there's no expensive one (again, you can read about it in the previously linked post).

12 November 2018

Hydra Moisture Boosting Serum by Oriflame

** On a personal note this week: Should kids earn their money?

Welcome to the world of oily skin which was dried up. Yes, I'm the founder of this little community. This, however, is not a bad thing. I used to have extremely oily skin, especially T zone and it took me some time to realize what I need to do. Thankfully I found all the right products.

However, before I realized what my routine needs to be, I dried my skin with every existing mattifying product. Now I have it all in control, still using mattifying products, but I now know the importance of hydrating my skin.

08 November 2018

Organizing jewelry (part 2)

** On a personal note this week: I'm more than my social media.

I'm pretty sure I have jewelry for like 20 girls. Good piece of jewelry can make every outfit better, it can make you look like a rocker girl, princess or business woman in seconds. Also, eBay is usually my best friend when it comes to buying jewelry. I like big statement jewelry, but also small dainty pieces.
As with everything else, I have very little space for all of it so I constantly have to find different ways to keep everything organized. I personally lose the will to look for anything or wear some pieces of jewelry if I can't find them immediately. I need to keep it neat and accessible. I already made one post about this, Organizing jewelry (when you have tons of it), but things have changed a bit. Necklaces and bracelets are still in that order, but earrings and rings have changed their homes.

05 November 2018

5 must-have lipsticks for fall season!

** On a personal note this week: I'm more than my social media.

Why is writing these intros to posts the hardest thing ever? Here I was, sitting in my room, looking around and noticed I haven't rearranged anything in quite a while so I decided to get my hands on the first thing next to me. And those were lipsticks. They're just standing here on my shelf and I noticed that I didn't like the order they were in, there were no categories.

I also realized that I gravitate towards some more than others. Especially with the season change. I usually do stuff without thinking about it being good for this blog. But this time I was smarter and took the opportunity of writing this post along with organizing my lipsticks. If you want to see the full collection, read My lipstick collection post.

01 November 2018

Animal testing brands

** On a personal note this week: Why not having Netflix is a good thing

This issue has been around for quite a while now. We all love animals and we also see horrible stuff that are happening to them for our beauty products. I know some big YouTubers and bloggers have put a stop to buying makeup that has been tested on animals. However, makeup industry is growing by the day and I'm actually not sure anything is changing regarding this issue.
It also sucks that some brands test on animals just because they sell their products in the countries that require those. I mean, if you're able to make a product without testing it on animals, why do they require such tests? The rest of the world is still alive and well even after using them... Anyhow...