08 November 2018

Organizing jewelry (part 2)

** On a personal note this week: I'm more than my social media.

I'm pretty sure I have jewelry for like 20 girls. Good piece of jewelry can make every outfit better, it can make you look like a rocker girl, princess or business woman in seconds. Also, eBay is usually my best friend when it comes to buying jewelry. I like big statement jewelry, but also small dainty pieces.
As with everything else, I have very little space for all of it so I constantly have to find different ways to keep everything organized. I personally lose the will to look for anything or wear some pieces of jewelry if I can't find them immediately. I need to keep it neat and accessible. I already made one post about this, Organizing jewelry (when you have tons of it), but things have changed a bit. Necklaces and bracelets are still in that order, but earrings and rings have changed their homes.

Upper row: before; bottom row: after
Firstly, I bought these 2 acrylic stands for earrings (which was later proven to be a mistake as I needed like 5 of these) from eBay (exact ones here). I'll definitely order few more. You've seen in my last post about this that I keep all earrings on card boards so I know where pairs are. Now I decided to take all of them off and put them on these 2 stands. I kinda organized them by looks and size, but nothing very specific. Earrings that didn't fit on these stands are still on card boards, but they're much more nicely paired and placed so that they won't break or get tangled.

Following this earrings topic, I also have a bunch of them which are long, dangle or tassel... I keep all of them on my board. I recently reorganized those too so the board is now used way better. I love this way of display cause I can easily see them all and pick which ones I want. With rearranging them, I also painted one really old pair. It used to be silver and it completely lost its color so I just spray painted them with some copper color and earrings look brand new.

Upper row: before; bottom row: after
Lastly, I had to manage my rings. I have a lot of those too and you can see they were all over the place and mixed with some earrings too. I bought this ring holder box off eBay again (exact one here). It can hold most of my rings, knuckle ones and normal ones, but not these big chunky rings which is fine as they can't really get lost in a pile. I put all of these big ones in one beauty sponge box so they're still organized and visible.

And that's all. All I needed (and still need a few) are these holders. I personally love boxes and organizing stuff so this was needed, but also I wanted to do this for so long. I finally have it all on display and easily accessible.

How do you organize your jewelry? Am I crazy for having so many pieces?


  1. I loved this post! I have so much jewellery and I had to leave all of my organising things back home. I love seeing how other people organise their jewellery! Also, coming from someone who literally has hundreds of pairs of earrings - you can never have too much ;)

    1. really? I'm so happy you to have tons of them :D :D yaay us!
      I usually love organizing of all sorts so I figured, why not turn this into a post too :D

      thanks for reading :*