15 November 2018

My 4 black peel off masks

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I have this feeling that my topics are out of date. Like, are peel-off masks still a thing? I'm sure people are still using them, but they're not as popular anymore. Or am I wrong? Regardless, I go down this rabbit hole and I overthink should I post this or not? But here we are.
Recently, which means a year ago, I wrote a post Black peel-off mask: Iroha vs. Balea where I tested both just to see whether price is a key factor or not. If you're interested, just read it. However, today I'm presenting you my 4 black peel-off masks. Surprisingly, there's no expensive one (again, you can read about it in the previously linked post).

Balea Soft&Clear peel-off mask. I only have this half of the packaging, but it's usually a two piece packaging for 2 usages. However, this one part is a bit too big for my face and I usually have to throw the rest of it in the garbage cause I can't close it and use sometimes later. Unlike all other masks here, this one should also prevent blemishes from appearing on your face. It's supposed to be used 3 times a week, but I haven't used it enough to actually test this claim.

Balea peel-off mask with active charcoal. I wrote about this one before, but I'll sum it up. I love the practical packaging and easy application. Also, I mentioned before that it has a strong scent and burning effect, but it's all disappeared now. In case you're wondering why I'm still using this one, it doesn't say until when I should use it and I'll keep using it until it does something bad to my skin.

Shills Purifying peel-off Mask. I also wrote about this one in one of previous posts, The strongest eBay peel-off mask, so you can read it for full review. Again, I love the practical lid and easy application. I love the texture and how it makes my skin really smooth and clean. Out of all I tried so far, this is my favorite.

Essence Glitter in your face glitter peel-off mask. This one is the newest in my collection. I always loved those glitter and shiny masks, but the most popular ones are so damn expensive. This was a completely impulsive buy, but I just had to try it. I'll definitely make a full post about this one as I know you'll be interested in glittery beauty...

Do you use peel-off masks?

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