26 November 2018

Essence glitter peel-off mask

** On a personal note this week: Today: 25.11.2018.

Once a week, usually Sunday, I take some time to do my beauty routine. That means everything - shower, washing hair, doing nails and, of course, full skincare routine. I'm writing this on Sunday. I just left my shower, I got all my oils on and now I'm ready to write another review.

If you read my last post about skincare, My 4 black peel off masks, you probably noticed that I have that I haven't still used and written about. Today was the day that this glitter went on my face. And if you know me, you should know I love a smooth face and I especially love glitter.

First of all, it's a very nice packaging, all black with some white and silver spots reminding me of the universe. Inside, there's equally nice tube with 45 ml of product. There's no pump or anything like that, but just a normal tube which I quite like because I can really squeeze the product out.

Once a week after cleansing, apply the mask in an even, thin layer avoiding the eyes, eyebrows and mouth. Allow to work for 10-15 minutes. Allow the mask to perform its magic. Carefully remove the dry mask from the sides to the center. Wash the rest off using lukewarm water. Only for external use. Not to be used on children.
So I did exactly how they told me. I cleansed my face with face wash and my SkinPro device (review SkinPro cleansing device) and I applied quite thin layer of the mask. The first thing I notices was burning effect to the eyes. It was quite bad, but it went away after only 30 seconds or so. However, when it comes to eyes, 30 seconds of burning is a long time. My skin didn't feel burning at all. Also, glitter was visible, but nothing extraordinary. The mask is quite thick and really stretchy.

The mask was dry in about 10 minutes. As I tried to take it off, I realized I probably should have applied a thicker layer because all the thin parts were impossible to peel off as it's the case with most masks. However, I just rinsed that off with warm water and it was all gone.
It's blurry on purpose. To show the glitter a bit better.
I noticed some good results afterwards. This mask took out a lot of my blackheads and other impurities and it also took off my dead skin which I'm currently fighting a lot. So I liked the results. However, it didn't leave my skin moisturized as they wrote in the claims, but I fixed that easily with some toner and a moisturizer.

Verdict? The glitter, reason why I bought it actually, isn't that spectacular. The mask itself is really good, it gave results better than expected, but I think you'll need to apply just a bit thicker layer to prevent troubles with peeling it off.

Update: Definitely put on a thicker layer and it will go off so easy! Also, this burning eyes effect could be a deal breaker because it's really really strong, but this mask took out the most impurities out off all that I own.

Did you ever own, or do you want to own, that silver mask every beauty blogger and YouTuber has talked about?

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