05 November 2018

5 must-have lipsticks for fall season!

** On a personal note this week: I'm more than my social media.

Why is writing these intros to posts the hardest thing ever? Here I was, sitting in my room, looking around and noticed I haven't rearranged anything in quite a while so I decided to get my hands on the first thing next to me. And those were lipsticks. They're just standing here on my shelf and I noticed that I didn't like the order they were in, there were no categories.

I also realized that I gravitate towards some more than others. Especially with the season change. I usually do stuff without thinking about it being good for this blog. But this time I was smarter and took the opportunity of writing this post along with organizing my lipsticks. If you want to see the full collection, read My lipstick collection post.

Essence 08 matt matt matt - Essence 21 tres chic - L'Oreal Paris Laetitia's pure red
Of course, I'm starting with the obvious ones, the dark reds. They say a red lipstick is always a good idea, but there's something special about a deep, dark red lipstick during fall. It's almost like you're a part of the nature with that color.
Essence 24 velvet matt - NYX Liquid Suede LSCL18 foul mouth - NYX Liquid Suede LSCL20 Oh, put it on
I also have a feeling we can't do this season without a good purple lipstick? I'm still looking for the right shade of purple, but I know I feel good wearing this color, especially the darker shades of it. Also, some people can really rock the dark blue color, so I included that one here too.
Maybelline 342 mauve mania - NYX Slip tease STL004 bang bang - NYX soft matte SMLC25 Budapest
As for the lipsticks in general, my favorite color is mauve. I love how it suits my face and skin color and how versatile it is, meaning I can wear it for every day stuff and for some special events. I have the most lipsticks now in this color, people could say they're all the same.
Essence 06 barely there! - Essence color boost mad about matte 04 mad matters - Makeup Revolution Life on the dance floor Head turner - Essence 15 sheer & shine
Now, nude is always a good color choice. If you find a good nude lipstick for your skin and lip color, you're set. I always thought one nude lipstick was enough, but then I discovered depth and undertones and now I have way too many of them. However, I can put each one on without even thinking and I know it will look good.
Essence melted chrome 04 iron heart - NYX Liquid Suede Metallic matte LSCL35 biker babe - Essence Made to sparkle #01 star of the party
Finally, my favorite category. Even though I don't wear these as often, metallic lipsticks came and I want them to stay forever! I absolutely love how they're still dark and in "normal" colors, but have that special metallic shine that's absolutely amazing.

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What's your favorite fall lipstick? I need recommendations for a new impulsive shopping. Haha!


  1. I love the amount of Essence lip products here ;) Also, such a great selection! I keep my lip colours pretty neutral but I would love to change that - I just need some help choosing some bolder colours and some of these are so gorgeous!

    1. well is there anything better than a good but cheap lipstick? :D
      these really are... maybe start with mauve, darker mauve or something like NYX biker babe over here... they're just a bit more bold than neutral lip, you don't have to go with dark purple immediately haha