08 January 2018

NYX Slip Tease & Soft matte review

Since NYX came to my country, I've bought quite a few products there. With some other eye products, I'm a huge fan of some of their lipstick products which you can read in one of my previous posts. Today, I have two more I'd like to talk about.
For the past year, I really became a lipstick girl and I truly believe that wearing only a good lipstick can make you look put together in all occasions. I've already wrote a review on 4 different NYX lipstick lines which you can read about in the post My NYX lipstick collection.
Budapest. I know this is the most famous lip product that everybody loves, but I was never drawn to it. Now that I saw a discount, I decided to finally get it. First of all, I wouldn't suggest buying these off their site as colors are very much different. I decided to get this shade after trying on quite a few of them and I love it. Application was very easy and quite precise. I only had to go over some places twice cause it's not 100% opaque. I wore it for about 7 hours. An hour after applying I went to McDonalds and it survived eating there. Then few hours passed and then I went to drink coffee. Once I got home I noticed that all inner corners disappeared. When I had my mouth closed, it looked like the entire lips are nicely covered without any patches. It was very comfortable to have it on the lips. It dried really quickly and stayed matte.
Bang bang. I'm used to really matte, dry and longlasting lipsticks from NYX (Lip lingerie, of course). This is such a nice change. It's really pigmented, comfortable on the lips and honestly lasts a really long time. It being a lip oil, I didn't expect what I got. And I'm glad. It dries to some satin finish, more matte, but not completely. It is really lightweight on the lips which was really nice to wear. After drinking, I noticed some stains on the cup, but nothing too much. It also faded just a bit where lips touched a cup so that's great. I would highly recommend this product!
Biker babe. I already wrote a short review in my post New in: make up | follow up post so give it a read there too. Anyway, this product looks amazing on the lips. It's easy to apply, it holds on pretty long time. It's also really comfortable on the lips. But my favorite thing about this is the color itself. It's shiny, but matte and that combination is so pretty to me. It also won't highlight any dry patches and you can basically apply it on the slightly chapped lips too and it will not look bad. Out of all these, it's the hardest one to take off.

Which is your favorite NYX product?


  1. I've tried the Soft matte lip creams but I haven't heard of the lip oils before! I would have expected them to be really sheer, but they look so pigmented x

    1. I guess they're new? I just saw them few weeks ago. I expected some lip balm with a bit of pigment, but this actually a great lipstick!

      thank you for reading!