22 January 2018

Personal 2018 goals + Q&A

With the start of the new year, I wrote a post New year - new me | 2018 plans where I addressed only my blog (any maybe YouTube) goals. I looked back on 2017 and made some new plans. However, I left out the personal goals. I wrote them down in short, but since you asked for it, I'll give you my full list of personal goals for 2018!
I also asked you to leave your questions so I'll do a mini Q&A in the end as well. I did this post last year too cause it's basically my birthday post so I want to do something different for this special event. Read my last year's post here It's my day.
To reflect to last year for a moment, I'm 23 now. Where is my life going? What will I do? Last year, 2017, had been the best to me if I remember that for the last few months of it I went out with people I thought I never would, I made new friends, I stepped out of my comfort zone. That feeling is amazing! So I really hope this year will continue in the good mood!

2018 goals & wishlist
Have in mind I want a lot of things. With all this new positive vibes I have going on in my life, I want everything! And, of course, on top of my list is health, happiness and all that for me, my family and my loved ones. I'll concentrate on the stuff you usually put in wishlists...
  • finish college & find a job
I have just few more months and I'm out of there! If I ever manage to write a final paper... The problem occurs when I'm out and need to find something to do, preferably a job I went to school for and the one I'll love. This is actually really scary for me cause the job I want has special requirements and different procedure of application that any other job. Wish me luck!
  • lose weight
Not necessarily weight as a number, but I'd like to get fit and have my body toned. I used to work out a bit here and there, but I stopped few months ago and it's hard for me to go back to it. Maybe after finishing college I'll have more time and will. Time will tell, but I need to do this for myself. I should.
Source: Dribbble Fitness App Animation
  • learn a new language
I like languages. Most of them. I also like to think I'm pretty good with them (grammar could be a problem, but hopefully I'll handle it). I'd like to relearn German as I used to learn it in school, then learn Spanish or Turkish. Ideally all of those, but baby steps.
  • travel more
Everybody knows my dream destination is New York, but that's so far away and so expensive so I'll leave that for whenever. Someday. But there's so much I'd like to see in my country too and countries close to me. I'll try to go on more 1-day or 2-day trips in nearby towns and sites so I'm looking forward to that.
Source: 17 GIFS That Will Make You Want To Travel Now
  • take and finish a nail course
You know (or you should know) I already have one licence, but I'd like to improve my skills to the maximum. Licence I have is basically worthless cause my mentor sucked and I know only basics and stuff I learned on Internet which is not enough for a full nail salon.
  • take and finish make-up course
Cause, you know, I'm basically a beauty blogger now. Make-up has slowly become my passion over the last few months so I want to know more about it. While writing this blog, I'd also like to professionally know what I'm talking about.
  • start a YouTube channel
I've talked about this many times. I also said I'm not comfortable showing my face here and I would be 100% embarrassed to post my face on YouTube (especially if I would talk in English cause it's not my native language). Also, I tried to make one video and I spent around 4 hours on editing a video of 6 minutes. I don't have that much time. If (!) I ever do it, you'll probably see nail tutorials there.
  • start driving
I've had a driver's licence for 2 years now, but I haven't driven at all. I've only said this to one of my friends, so you have an exclusive here. I had a car accident on my first drive out of driving lessons. Nobody got hurt! But I got so scared, the man (who is also my neighbor btw) didn't make my situation any easier so I just gave it all up. And I loved driving with my instructor.
Source: Giphy driving
  • do an undercut & dye my hair purple
I know an undercut is not popular anymore as it used to be, but I still want it. I first saw it on Saaammage on YouTube and she rocked it in so many styles and colors I just fell in love. I'd like to do one on the back of my head so it would be the easiest transition. I also had my hair dyed dark purple which on my hair only looked like that in the sunlight and I loved it. I loved the color and the effect and I want to go back to it.
  • donate blood
I could've given blood when I turned 18 and there was organized donation in my school, but I had period just that day so I couldn't participate. Later on, I wanted to go with my brother, at least the first time, and every single time he went I had period or I wasn't in town or something happened. It's been 4 years and I still want to do it, but it seems like I can't actually do it. And I'm not even afraid of the needle nor grossed out my the blood.
  • get a tattoo (or 5)
I've wanted a tattoo for the past 7 years now and I can't decide on the place. I also want few of them and I can't make up my mind how to arrange them. I'm also afraid of how it will look when I get older. I don't know how my body will change and how I'll feel about it in about 20 years. I know about 3 designs I want. I said if I ever (this year) get to the weight and looks I want (see second one on this wishlist), I'll get one to commemorate that huge thing.
Source: Demi Lovato tattoo gifs
  • be confident and happy
As I said, 2017 has been good to me. I want to continue to feel good about myself. I want to love myself more with each day. I want to be with friends, socialize more, I want to explore new things. If I manage to keep this state of mind, I think that 2018 will be even better.

Thank you all for asking me questions! I really appreciate it!
I actually don't know. I love everything I get. I really liked my first smartphone and laptop, but I have few pieces I hold on to cause they're so dear to me. About 10 years ago my brother got me 2 hair ties (among other things) which I still have, my grandparents usually give me jewelry so I would have a memory of them which I absolutely love, there are few plush toys friends got me. I always talk how I want a BMW and a friend got me small white BMW toy which was so sweet and funny and thoughtful.
Source: Pinterest: Explore Diecast Model Cars, Bmw M5, and more!
  • When did you start your blog? by Ivana
I started my first blog in November 2013. I started this blog in January 2014. However, I started 'real' blogging by the end of 2015 and with the start of 2016. I made an actual blogging schedule, I made a Twitter account and started interacting with other bloggers.
  • Who is your favorite blogger? by Ivana
There are many bloggers 'on paper' (so not on YouTube) I like. Some I can somehow even call my friends although we've never met. I love their blogs, of course. I also love some other. In my favorites folder are: Tina (blog Tea is for Tina), Anja (blog Perception or blog Gaia-s), Annie (blog Anniens), Katie (blog Beauty from Katie), Maria J. (blog Maria J.), Abbey Louisa Rose (blog Abbey Louisa Rose)... However, I read lots of blogs on regular basis and a post about them is coming. And I just went through my list and saw I have so many blogs I really do love so take this list very lightly and don't be offended if I haven't mentioned you - the list would just be too long.
  • How do you like to spend your days off? by Anja
Well, I usually spend my days on college, but I don't like it. Haha. I like going for a walk, going through city center just strolling and checking out new items in stores. I also like to watch season a day of my favorite shows. I love going to my grandparent's too as they live in a perfect village and I have my dog there. It just depends on the day. If there's bad weather outside, I'll usually color something or do some DIY project.
  • What do you dislike about bloggers/blogging communities? by Anja
The whole post about this should come soon, but I'll answer this in short. Everyone not caring for numbers, but constantly begging for followers and all that follow-unfollow and follow-for-follow game. 
  • If money wouldn't be a problem, what would you buy? by Anja
A plane ticket and hotel room in New York. But from the things I can actually purchase and own, I'd probably buy a house/flat if I had the money to support myself. If that money is a one-time thing, probably a flat for my brother or a car. I honestly don't know.
  • If time wouldn't be a problem, where would you go? by Anja
Again, New York. But I would like to explore my country first as I know it has so many beautiful sites to see. I just don't have the time or the money for it.
Source: Lonely planet New York
  • What's your dream for the future? by Anja
To get a job I want, to buy my own place, to have a family filled with love, to have a dog (or 10), to have my friends beside me all the way. Simple, right? But that's a far future. Some of my goals for the next year or two are listed in this post.
  • How many nail polishes do you own? by Anja
Not that long ago, I posted a photo on my InstaStory of my entire collection and I believe it was around 140. Post on that is also coming in February if everything goes as planned.
  • What was the most spontaneous thing that you did? by Anja
Uh. I'm pretty spontaneous if someone asks me to do something and if I have free time I'll probably do it. However, the most recent thing I did was going about 300 km away from home to see an airshow by myself. I contacted a guy that I've never met and was going to a place nearby to give me a lift (it's something like Uber). It turned out to be the best thing ever cause he was one of my high school friend's boyfriend (and I use the term friend kinda loosely) so I got to see her and we caught up a bit. Then I ran into some people from my college at the airshow and it was honestly the best airshow I attended.
Source: Major airs hows
  • If you could change anything from your past, what would you change? by Anja
Oh! I have quite a few moments which make me cringe a lot. But if I could, I would make me confident as I am now. I'm not fully there yet, but this is the best I've ever been so it would be nice if I had this in the past years.

Thank you all for being with me the whole year! Thank you for all the comments, suggestions, questions. I really appreciate it!

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