15 January 2018

Hair routine & the best oil combination for perfect hair

Most people I know have been telling me I have pretty hair my whole life (and I thank them for that!). However, most people also didn't notice a huge change through my life regarding my hair as well as I have. Of course. I had really thick and dense hair until I started college. I believe it was increase in stress level that lead to me losing much more hair.
Thankfully, I still have a lot of it and it's quite healthy, but I know what it used to be years ago. Over the years I became really insecure about it and having dandruff for the past 15 years isn't helping. So I knew I had to start doing something to try to repair the damage. After years of different products, I found few that work for me.
First of all, I have to say that my hair isn't growing back the way I expected it to, it's not denser immediately and I still have dandruff. But, if you knew my full situation, I have to say I'm seeing some improvement and I think my hair is the best it can be right now.
I wash my hair once a week (sometimes twice if I have some event to go to). I have oily hair, but it gets oily after about 5 to 6 days (I'll talk about that in a separate post cause I'm doing a full review of the products). I also rarely brush my hair cause it's curly/wavy so I don't want to ruin the curls. I will brush trough all straight parts though (usually around my roots). I brush it regularly if I make it straight so it wouldn't look messy.
I made this oil combination after reading lots of reviews and suggestions. This has a ratio of 3 big spoons of coconut oil, about 10 pumps of avocado oil and just few pumps of castor oil. I shake it well and I'm ready to use it. I use it once a week before washing my hair. I spray roots of my hair, especially places where I have dandruff, and I leave it in for at least half an hour (but I usually start watching a movie or a show so it sits for an hour). Then I was my hair as I normally would.
Instead of a regular conditioner, I use 2 minute mask which leaves my hair smooth and detangled. After washing it, I'll wrap my hair in a towel and let it sit like that for about 20 minutes so it all sinks in. Have in mind my hair doesn't dry for good 6-8 hours if I just leave it to air-dry during winter. Then I brush through it and apply a pump of avocado oil (I used to use walnut oil for brown hair which also worked great) which I spread through the free part of my hair (from my neck down so it doesn't touch my roots).
Depending on the style I'm going for, I'll either use a spray to straighten my hair or to curl it. Also, if I'm going to use heath of any kind, I'll protect my hair with heath protection spray. Most of the times I use none of these, but these are also options.

P.S. Most products are by Olival, which is a Croatian brand and I love it. Unfortunately, it's not sponsored or a collaboration of any kind.

What's your hair secret/routine? If you have any advice to help my hair, please write below!


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