11 January 2018

The strongest eBay peel-off mask

This past 2017 has really been all about peel-off masks. There are so many of those, but black ones, with charcoal, have been the most talked about and used as far as I can recall. Also, do you remember all that DIY masks with glue? And every single add you've seen about these?
Well, there's been this one mask in particular that's supposed to be the best and strongest mask out there which will pull out all impurities and make your skin feel and look great. I've found it on eBay (which doesn't necessary mean it's the real thing, but it could be - I'm honestly not sure) cause I didn't have Amazon account to buy it there. I'm talking about Purifying peel-off mask by Shills.
Deep cleansing peel off mask removes dulling surface cells and impurities while vitamins and plant extract soften the skin to restore a youthful glow.

Let's start with application. It's definitely the thickest peel-off mask I've ever tried. When you squeeze it out, it has a glue texture, but it's very easy to apply it onto your face. You'll have a nice coat of the product still left on your fingers or brush, but that's easily removed with some water (and you can add soap to be quicker). Depending on the thickness of the layer you applied, you should wait between 20 and 30 minutes for it to dry and be ready to peel-off. I can sometimes peel it off after 15 minutes.
The mask has some scent, but it's not too strong and it goes away as the mask is getting harder. The only thing I experience is my nose tickles. I don't know why but those first few minutes of having it on, I have the biggest urge to scratch it and ruin everything. I believe it's just the effect that I have something there so I naturally have to scratch it (like you have to do when you've just painted nails, you know).
Peeling it off is quite easy and goes as with any other peel-off mask. It's not pulling too much and it's not painful (if you avoid facial hair, but those don't hurt too bad either). It tingles more on the tip of my nose. This may be a fake product, but it works really well. I sometimes don't clean my face before using masks so it's harder for a mask to pull anything out, but this one still does the job, more or less. When I had a clean face, I noticed quite a big amount of blackheads pulled out so I was really satisfied with it.
Verdict? All in all, I think this one is actually quite good. It leaves my skin really really smooth and soft. They also suggest covering that area with some toner which I do and I just love the feel on my skin. I like some other black peel-off masks (and I did a battle between two in the post Black peel-off mask: Iroha vs. Balea), but I have to admit this one makes my skin feel the best.

Are you a fan of peel-off masks? Which one is your favorite?


  1. I have a similar peel off mask but it doesn't pull out very much! I might have to try this one next, it's cheaper x

    1. I honestly don't know if this is fake (probably is according to the price), it pulls out 50:50 but leaves skin so smooth and soft! try it :D

      :* :*

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    1. Hi, thank you for visiting and kind words :)
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  3. I was thinking about investing in a peel off mask the other day. This one sounds good as I don't want one that hurts when I pull it off but I do want it to pull out blackheads etc. Great review. x

    1. thank you!
      pulling out blackheads depends mostly on prepping your skin here but it worked just fine with my routine and skin. but it leaves skin so smooth and soft you have to try it :)

      thank you for coming, reading and commenting :*

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