25 January 2018

The sunshine blogger award | tag 2

I already did this tag just few months ago (in October to be exact), but I can't resist a tag post so I'm doing it again. You can read my previous post here The sunshine blogger award | tag.
Today I'm answering some questions a lovely Annie B. asked. Thank you Annie for tagging me! You can read her post and her answers in her post The Sunshine Blogger Award.
As much as I'd love to do Q&A posts every once in a while, I don't get that many questions, so I'll consider this as my personal Q&A. Cause it actually is. Let's start!
First, the rules: Thank the person who nominated you, answer their questions, ask 11 questions and tag people to answer them.

Annie's questions for me:
  • What was your last dream?
I'm even embarrassed with this one. I dreamed about being in our summer apartment and there was this guy that I've actually known for about 20 years now, but we never hang out, and, being a hopeless romantic that I am, we kinda started dating. Have in mind I don't actually think about him often, but he is a family friend too so he pops up in conversations every few months, and I didn't think I liked him like that. I'm not sure whether I should trust my dreams or not...
  • Who's your inspiration?
You expect me to say my mom or someone like that, but, as much as I do love her, we're different persons. However I do admire some of her traits and she is very strong and confident woman which I'd like to be. But I don't really have a inspiring person to look up to. I have people I admire in different parts of life (e.g. blogging, parenting, school, creativity...).
  • What was the first blog you ever read? (if you remember)
I honestly don't. The first person I followed and read blog on regular basis is some by Tina (from Tea is for Tina) I'm sure. First YouTube blogger was Jenny Fox (or Miss Jen Fabulous, now Jenny Claire Fox).
  • If you remember, then about what was your first blog post?
On my personal one I couldn't remember, but I just checked and it was "Intro" where I introduced myself and the same day I wrote a 3-part story about my night out with new friends and broken hearts and some similar stuff. On this blog I wrote an intro to my blog followed by a tutorial for a simple French manicure.
  • Is there something you were afraid of, but aren't anymore?
Hm... Not really afraid of, just not comfortable with like wearing some clothes (baggy, as I always wore everything fitted), approaching people (but only if I have a legit reason or question like asking for a price or directions), posting pictures on social media (ahem my Instagram), trying new stuff (like hanging out with people I usually never would and realizing they're awesome)...
  • If you could live anywhere in the world, where it would be?
Right where I am now! And I'm in Zagreb. I honestly love my country and my city (if we exclude all politic problems, of course). I'm used to it, but not in a way that I'm stuck here, but in a way I really don't want to go anywhere. I'd like to spend a month or two a year in New York or traveling somewhere, but noting more.
  •  What was the last movie you watched?
Honestly, I've been watching only series lately, but I watched some during Christmas break, and I watched The Polar Express, Beauty and the Beast: The enchanted Christmas and Desperately seeking Santa. Out of TV shows, I'm all about #OneChicago so I watch Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Chicago Med.
  • Winter or summer and why?
Spring. Cause it's the best ratio of warm and cold and everything is colorful and I can wear my favorite clothes. But out of these two, I really like summer, but I also hate showing my body and I'm always in long pants so I should go with winter?
  • If you could change one thing in the world what it would be and why?
All this climate change cause I'm freaking terrified of what's happening and what's gonna happen down the road. But that's nature. I'd also like to stop wars, cause... duh! I can't imagine how people can go through that and I'm afraid that if the WW3 happens, it's gonna happen (like the majority of it) in Europe again and most likely in or close around my country.
  • If you could start your blogging journey all over again what would you do differently?
I would probably take better photos, but I'm not embarrassed of my start. I didn't know better and I did what made me happy so that's good I think. I'd also probably start hard from the beginning. I've been blogging for 2 years now and I'm worse than someone who is blogging for a month. Although I'm not usually comparing myself with other bloggers, this kinda makes me sad. Haha.
  • What's your favorite song for the moment?
For the past few weeks I've had Rita Ora - Anywhere on repeat. I'll go with that.

My questions for others:
  1. Are you early bird or a night owl?
  2. Do you prefer if a blog has a certain topic theme (like all beauty, all lifestyle, all fitness...) or you like it all in one blog? If you choose certain topic, name which ones you like to read.
  3. Do you watch music videos on YouTube or just play the music in the background?
  4. What's your favorite music genre?
  5. Do you have any travel plans for this year?
  6. What's the favorite trip you've taken? Share a post or a pics if you have one.
  7. What's your favorite piece of accessory to wear?
  8. Have you ever tried those 30-days-fitness challenges? If yes, how did it go? If no, why not?
  9. Do you know or listen to any music that's not in English?
  10. If you shop online, what stuff do you mostly buy?
  11. Name one (or 10) thing you just can't have enough (e.g. candles, books, pens, earrings, picture frames...).
I nominate (sorry if you've already been tagged):
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P.S. Girls, I'm swamped in exams right now so I barely have time for anything. I ask you to tag me on Twitter if you decide to do this so I can read. It could be weeks before I go back to reading blogs and I really don't want to miss your answers...

That's all. Hope you liked my answers and questions! Do you like tag posts?


  1. Thanks for tagging me, girl! These are some questions you've given us! :)

    I just recently watched Chicago P.D for the first time and love it so much, I'm definitely going to have to check out Chicago Fire and Chicago Med. :)


    1. I'm glad you like them :D
      yes! if you wanna chat about the show, let me know :D :D


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