01 November 2018

Animal testing brands

** On a personal note this week: Why not having Netflix is a good thing

This issue has been around for quite a while now. We all love animals and we also see horrible stuff that are happening to them for our beauty products. I know some big YouTubers and bloggers have put a stop to buying makeup that has been tested on animals. However, makeup industry is growing by the day and I'm actually not sure anything is changing regarding this issue.
It also sucks that some brands test on animals just because they sell their products in the countries that require those. I mean, if you're able to make a product without testing it on animals, why do they require such tests? The rest of the world is still alive and well even after using them... Anyhow...

Before I start: I do eat meat. I don't buy real fur nor real leather/skin. Killing an animal is very different than torturing it. Also, it's one thing to eat it and another just to wear their fur. But! This is a post about beauty and make-up products. I'll only write about the products that I like, use or wish to have.
  • L'Oreal Paris. I read that they do test on animals, but only the finished products as they have some kind of contract to do so. They, apparently, do not test every stage of making make-up. So, I would like to think that the animals weren't hurt as the final product is what people wear and they are just fine. Let me live with hope.
  • Maybelline New York. They are, as far as I know, under the L'Oreal. So, you would think the policy is the same, but no. Maybelline actually tests every single stage of making their products.
  • MAC. One of my favorites is actually cruel. They also test their products on animals. I was so disappointed to find out about this.
  • Nars. I do not own anything by Nars, but I'm interested in buying something and now I'm interested even more as I learned they do not test make-up on animals.
  • NYX. Few years back, NYX came to my country and they're easy and affordable to buy and I'm actually really happy they don't test on animals.
  • Lancome. I heard it's a really good make-up brand and I love seeing their products (as I do not own any), but they do test on animals so I like them a bit less.
  • L'Occitane. Another supposed-to-be a great brand. They only test their final product like L'Oreal Paris so I would ease up on them.
  • Estee Lauder. They are like L'Oreal up there. They, allegedly, only test their final product.
  • Max Factor. Unfortunately, they test everything on animals. Which is so disappointing as it's supposed to be make-up of the world known make-up artists.
  • Nivea. This is one of my favorite beauty brands. I'm so happy to say they do not test anything on animals.
  • Essence. If you read my blog, you know that 99% of my make-up is theirs and great thing is they do not test on animals!
I don't know how cruel these testings really are. (If you Google it, you'll only get the worst possible pictures, so I would not suggest doing that.) And I can't say that I'll stop buying these products (as much as I'd like to) just because I have almost brand new products by these brands and I do not want to throw away good and new make-up.
I would also suggest going on PETA's page as they'll explain this testing thing (all stages or only final products) way better than I did. You can check out other brands that do or don't test products on animals below.
Another way of finding out if your brand is tested on animals is just to write name of the brand and "animal testing" next to it in Google search bar (e.g. Nivea animal testing) and the first thing you'll see will tell you how they treat animals.

Is this something that's important to you or not? Will you specifically not buy a product because it's "cruel"?