29 October 2018

Things for kids I still use in my beauty routine

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How many times have you heard "You're too old for this!" while growing up? I know I have way too many times. I still hear that from my mom. I know I'm too old for teddy bears, but they're my kids mom! My weird self aside, there are products for kids I still love to use.
I wonder to the kids aisles quite often. If I'm looking for some fun and colorful hairband or nail polishes to test. To be honest. I just like colorful rainbow stuff and small things so it's more of a pleasure trip to those aisles than anything else. However, there are some quite useful stuff made for kids, but great for my beauty routine.

Products made for babies and kids are usually more gentle on your skin. I always say "If the baby can handle it, so can I" and it really is like that. Know that I don't read ingredients and don't really understand chemicals in products, but I know what works for me.

Baby oil
I use baby oil instead of body lotion sometimes, usually after my waxing session cause my skin is most irritated then. Oil is also great for removing excess wax on your skin. I also use it on my cuticle area after doing my manicure. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to try and use it to remove your make-up. It is all my mom uses, and me sometimes, to remove make-up and it works like a charm.

Baby powder
My mom has some skin issue on her feet and sweat only makes it worse so she uses baby powder to prevent her feet from sweating in shoes. It also neutralizes some odor so you can use it in your shoes and your armpits. I also use baby powder to stop the bleeding if I pop a pimple or from any other source of bleeding. Of course, there's a widely known trick with baby powder as dry shampoo which also works great. Some say baby powder can act as a setting powder for your make-up, but I personally haven't tried it.

Baby wipes
C'mon, baby wipes are always with me. I use some for first step of removing my make-up, for cleaning my hands if I'm out, for toilet if I don't have tissues or toilet paper... This summer I've used them to refresh my face in the hot sun. Wipes are also great for cleaning some stuff.

Baby creams and sunscreens
This is more a nostalgia talking, but there are some baby moisturizers I love using. My grandma still uses the baby moisturizer she used 40 years ago and her skin looks great. Baby sunscreens are said to be better that normal ones, so I tend to use one for my face as I burn really easily.

Do you use any of these? Or some other?

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