04 October 2018

How to get ready in 5 minutes or less

How stressful it is when you've overslept and you have a meeting in 10 minutes? Or if you made plans with friends which you forgot and now you have to look great in only 5 minutes? A while back I wrote a post 5 ways to survive morning, but there's nothing helping you if you don't have a minute left to put your self together.
I personally think I have quite different morning routine than other people on the Internet. I get up usually half an hour earlier than I need to leave, I don't eat breakfast or drink coffee. I just do the essentials and I'm good to go. Of course, you'll know best what to do for yourself. However, these tips work for anyone and every routine.

I can proudly say that in my 23 years I've maybe (!) overslept 5 times. My worst situation was last year when my mother's best man had to pick me up and he would drive me 300 km to my vacation place (he is in the building next to us). We set the time, but I stupidly went out the night before and I was basically dying at 6 a.m. He called me about 10 minutes before he was outside and my answer was "I'm sleeping". Also proud to say I was waiting for him outside. I managed to deal with myself and my apartment in less than 10 minutes. So, how I do it?
  • choose the safe outfit
As mentioned in the post 5 ways to survive morning, planning outfits the night before is the best option, but you don't count on you oversleeping. So, if you don't have a planned outfit, go for the safe one. Don't wear anything new that needs styling, but choose the combination you've worn before and liked. Also, jeans and T-shirt are usually always a good choice unless you have a dress code.
  • skip brushing teeth
I would not recommend this unless you're really really in a hurry, but brushing your teeth takes up at least 5 minutes you may not have. Instead, take mouth wash and you can swish it in your mouth while you're doing your hair or something else. Unless you're a midnight eater, you don't have any food in your teeth and you just need to get rid of that awful smell and feeling and mouth wash works well. Also, take some gums with you.
  • don't complicate with hair
Having clean hair makes your life so much easier because clean hair doesn't really need to be styled, it's good by itself usually. However, a ponytail or a bun are always safe options for greasy or frizzy hair. Both of these hair looks work well for all occasions.
  • breakfast to go
Now, I don't eat breakfast most of the times, but I sometimes really need some food in the morning. Since I don't plan extra time for that, I'll take some bagel on the way or few cookies I have at home. It's not the healthiest option, but it's better than nothing. And if you usually make smoothies or something, take a yogurt or some milk with you.
  • bag essentials
Also, I like to pack my bag, or at least some important stuff I have to take with me, the night before because I count on forgetting it in the morning. All my stuff are in one bag and I can just grab it and I know I have everything I need. However, if you don't do it like that, think of only essentials - wallet, keys, phone. You most probably can go without anything else for some time.

I believe I've covered it all here. What are your priorities when leaving home - breakfast, make-up, workout?

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