09 January 2017

5 ways to survive morning

Most of people (if not all) struggle every day to get up out of bed. This is caused by 2 things - either we're really tired or we just know what the day is going to be like and we don't want to experience it. Either way, we all get up eventually and move on with our lives. Here are my tricks to get up with less pain.
  • forget the snooze button
I'm the person who wakes up at the first buzz of my phone and I will not fall asleep again. That's why I can afford to set the first alarm 15 minutes earlier than I would usually get up (to plan my day) and the second at the time to actually get up. But I know I'm in minority here, so if you fall asleep immediately after waking up, this is not a method for you. Set your alarm at the time to get up and place your phone away from your bed so you would have to get up to turn it off.
  • find the morning routine that wakes you up immediately
Since I have the closet next to my bed, the first thing I did in the morning was getting dressed. Then I found out that if I brush my teeth immediately after getting up, I'll be awake much faster. You can try stretching, eating, putting your things in the bag... Change your routine to find the best one.
  • listen to music
It would be great if you lived alone, but if not, play some music on your phone or computer. Do not waste your time on these though; just play the music and do your thing. Music, especially if your song comes along, will wake you up and brighten your morning. Dancing is a great way to start a day.
  • prepare everything the evening before
I put all the stuff in my bag in the evening before I go to bed so I would have the bag ready for the day and I know I won't forget anything in a hurry. Also, I plan all my outfits the night before. This makes me dress in way less time and I'm not stressing over 'having nothing to wear'.
  • remove the curtains
I found out that if I don't pull my curtains and the sun comes in early in the morning, I wake up more easily and I feel rested. Of course, this is not the case in the winter, but sure helps in those other months a year.

Is there anything you'd like to add? How do you get up out of bed? Share your trick below :)


  1. I put my alarm clock at the end of the room and it wakes me up for sure! I actually set my alarm about 20 minutes earlier so I can lay in bed and mentally prepare myself for the day/check social media haha. Great tips!

    Beauty From Katie

    1. thanks!
      yeah, I do that too. I just need those extra few minutes in bed (when I usually think whether to get up and go to college or to go back to sleep haha)