16 January 2017

Review: Essence eye pencils

I recently bought few more eye pencils, all by Essence, so I wanted to introduce them to you.
From top to bottom: #19 hot scorch, #01 black fever, #18 berry merry, #07 cloudy white, #07 hot chocolate, #04 nighttime in the jungle
Note: I'll write a combined review because all of these have similar characteristics.
They are all really long lasting (all day!) and glide very easily onto your eyelid. While "hot scorch" and "berry merry" are well pigmented, they can not even be compared with the rest of these. Black, white, brown and green eye pencil are extremely pigmented. Also, these two won't stay on your waterline. They are good on the lid, but waterline is apparently to wet for these two colors. Other four pencils have no problem with applying in the waterline. Although they are quite hard to wipe off with water, they are easily removed with make-up removers. If you put them in the waterline (I usually put black on the lower waterline), they will fade away a bit and will not stay there for long time. Instead, they will glide off and be the borderline between your waterline and below-the-lid area. This is something that you may hate, but I actually love it. It makes my lower lashes stand out more (as I don't use mascara). White pencil, however, is going to stay in your waterline for quite a long time as it is the only gel and waterproof pencil. Furthermore, bronze one and the green one have glitter in them which is very subtle.
Another thing you can do is layer them. I tried using brown as a base and I put bronze one on top and it was perfect subtle holiday edition. Brown gave the intensity and darkness and bronze one gave elegance and shimmer.
Longlasting pencils are around $2 and extreme lasting (green one) was $2.50. Unfortunately, I don't have the price of the white one but it was max $3.
Top: without flash; bottom: with flash.
Do you like these? Do you own any of their pencils? What is your experience with them?


  1. These sound great! Eyeliners always wear off on my waterline x

    Beauty From Katie

  2. I mean, these do too, but they (black, brown and green) stay on pretty well. They fade a bit and move to the border of waterline and lashes but don't make a huge mess. White stays on! Shimmer ones don't even try haha

    thanks for reading xo