22 October 2018

New in | summer-fall 2018 (part 2)

** On a personal note this week: When there's too much bad sh*t in short time

I told you I have a part 2 coming out today. If you haven't read the first part of my huge shopping, read it in my previous post New in | summer-fall 2018 (part 1). Now that I look at all of these, I'm thinking do I even need it or this blog made me buy it? I guess, I'll never know. But I know now that I have some reviews coming up your way.
Photos for this post were taken just few days ago and I actually did swatches for all of these. Now that I think of it, I could have done swatches for the previous one too... I wasn't thinking back then. However it is, we're here now so enjoy the post...

I clearly went crazy for eye make-up here so I got a bunch of eyeliners. First up are two Trend it up eyeliners in the shades #020 and #040. I can't wear these on their own cause they're not as pigmented, but I use them on top of my black eyeliner or for some extra glitter on my lid and they're great. Next, there are 4 Essence eyeliners, cause I love them that much. There are two crystal crush eyeliners, in the shades #03 bad liar and #02 breaking dark. Like the ones by Trend it up, I like to wear these over my black eyeliner. They have enough pigment, but where am I going with a green or blue eyeliner like this? Also, there are 2 melted chrome eyeliners, in the shades #04 zinc my way and #02 steel my heart. Now these are pigmented enough to be worn just by themselves and I did use them for some artsy eye make-up. I absolutely love white eyeliners by Essence.
Next up, there are 2 eye pencils by Trend it up, metallic kajal #010 and soft matte kajal #060. Going with the theme, I also got a 2 in 1 eyeliner pen by Essence. This is a good product, nicely made, really black, dries quickly... However, I'm really not the type for markers like this. I can work with liquid eyeliners, but not with this. However, I use the thick side to mark where I want my wing so it all works out.
I also got make-up corrector pen by Essence which actually works really great, especially for eyeliner fix-ups. Since metallic looks are quite popular now, I had to have melted chrome eyeshadow by Essence in the shade #01 zinc about you. If you can, get your hands on these because these are super pigmented long-lasting eyeshadows and the colors are just amazing. I can't recommend this eyeshadow enough.
To end this shopping trip, there are 3 random items. I got myself these magnetic eyelashes for outer corners. They're a great idea, but I have to learn how to apply them as I've never worn fake eyelashes and I also rarely wear mascara so anything on my eyes feels weird. There are also these small mirror stickers by Catrice which I thought would be great to stick on my phone, on my pencil case and some random places that I use regularly so I would always have a mirror by my side. Finally, last product in my new collection are these fake nails by Essence. If you know me, you know that I love my nails and manicures I do, but I just really wanted to try these ones. They're so pretty and metallic.

Note: All of these eyeliners are quite thin. I made the lines a bit thicker so the colors would be more visible.

Which product do you like the most? Which one you'll buy?


  1. Oh wow that Melted Chrome Eyeshadow is stunning, and I definitely need it in my life xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

    1. I don't know how many shades there are, I think 5, but they're all gorgeous!!!

  2. Odličan post. Ako želiš posjeti moj blog.