08 October 2018

Removing nail polish with clips

** On a personal note this week: Two of my colleagues may be dating

I've been kinda sad lately that I don't have enough time to actually do a proper manicure with drawings, stamping, gluing something or something like that. I've been doing pretty simple manicures which I really like, but I sometimes miss the creativity strike...
Also, if you know me, you know I love glitter. I need it everywhere. Doing simple, one color, manicures leaves some room for some bling and it usually ends up with a glitter top coat on at least one finger. However, removing nail polish is my worst nightmare and I offer money to somebody to take it off for me. Maybe, just maybe, I found a way to stop hating the process as much as I do now.
Note: You can find my entire manicure routine, keeping my nail polish intact for 2 weeks and more here - My nails and manicures routine.

I've given you some advice on this topic before in my posts Removing nail polish and in newer and better How to remove stubborn nail polish, but now I have something new. I finally bought these "professional" nail clips. These are basically just plastic clips that are usually used for removing soak-off nail polish or gel nails with the method I described in the previously linked posts.
However, I bought them as I sometimes have some problems when I put the cotton pads on my nails and I basically can't do anything while they're on cause I need to make sure they're secured and I don't mess it up.
These clips are big enough for all of my fingers, gentle, but firm as well. I do the same thing with cotton pads and then I just add these on top and I can do some stuff as moving my arms, drinking, typing something on my laptop and so on. These are definitely not something you must have, but they do make my life a bit easier. I also used them on my toe nails and it was actually great cause I could walk around.
It looks weird, it feels weird a bit in the beginning, but I think it payed off. After all, they were only $2 (link on eBay).

How do you remove stubborn nail polish? Would you consider buying these?

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