15 October 2018

Argan oil night repair serum

** On a personal note this week: The Fall Tag by Hailey

The winter is coming! That's a Games of Throne reference, right? I haven't watched a single episode, but I think I got that right. How is it already fall? Mother Nature obviously hates us and the year passes by so quickly. Of course, with the colder weather, my beauty routine changes. If you can even call it a routine. 
Fortunately, I don't have much skin problems throughout the year. The most problems cold causes is to my fingers and I have a perfect solution explained and showed in one of my old posts Nivea's SOS hand balm. Of course, even if it's not necessary, I do take care of my skin a bit more during winter, as opposed to just throwing on sunscreen in the summer.

If you want to read my winter skin care routine, head over to my post Winter skin care routine. This has changed a bit since I wrote it back in November last year. However, most steps are the same. I've got pretty lazy lately regarding my skin care, so I needed a quick fix. Now I've just introduced a new product into my routine. I ordered this Argan oil night repair serum (Amazon link).
Aides from boosting your skins natural ability to bounce back from all the daily stresses it has to endure such as too much sun, humidity and pollution. With moroccan argan oil extract.
Even though it's a serum, as it is made for a night usage, I thought it would be much richer, much thicker on the skin. It's very much like water. I only need 2 drops for my entire face (and you can do that weird Instagram trend of dripping products) and it spreads very quickly and easily.
It is a nice serum which leaves my skin quite soft and even. It's a bit sticky at first, but it soaks in pretty quickly. I have a feeling it actually nourishes and 'feeds' my skin to the point I do not need any other product.
I usually use this serum during the day. Right after I wake up, I rinse my face with just water and apply this and I'm ready to go. This serum lasts all day and I can still feel it working after 10 hours. As the evening approaches, the feeling fades away, but then it's time for night time routine anyway.
To be completely honest, I've been using this for months now so it's not just for winter, but I've noticed that it does wonders for my skin now that it's colder outside. It also shows that you can get this affordable product and use it for a really long time.

What's your favorite skin care product for winter or in general?


  1. I know that argan oil does wonders for the hair but I never tried it on the skin. Maybe I should try because my skin gets very cold in winter time!


    1. a evo meni je bas dobar. sad ga koristim i ujutro i navecer pa se brze trosi al nije skup pa se isplati. bas dobra stvar za zimu :)

      hvala na posjeti i na komentaru :)