18 October 2018

New in | summer-fall 2018 (part 1)

** On a personal note this week: The Fall Tag by Hailey

I still feel like I've been MIA even though I've been active here for 3 weeks now. I still feel like I'm starting fresh. I also have tons of ideas for this blog, but not enough time do actually do them all. That's why today you're going to see what I recently got. When I say recently, I mean in the past few months of me not blogging.
I also went for small shopping trips so I didn't do a haul type of post. Another thing that has happened here is I got some stuff at the beginning of summer and some just yesterday. So, that's why there are different photos and set-ups. OK, let me just show you what I got myself...

Starting with the first shopping I did, here we have all sorts of stuff. First on the left, there's a metal shock nail polish by Essence, of course, that is great for all metallic manicures, powder manicures and basically not ruining your previous coats of nail polish or nail art cause it's water based.
Then there are 2 melted chrome liquid lipsticks by Essence, in the shades #03 copper dropper and #04 iron heart. These are amazing! They're really pigmented, dry pretty fast, stay on a very long time and there are some great looking shades. If you can, definitely get your own!
Then there's another nail polish, super dry top coat by Catrice. It's a fast drying top coat that I haven't tried yet.
In the middle, there's a package of 3 bra clips, I would say. These plastics can be used to bring the bra straps closer together so you could wear those tops and not having straps showing. I haven't tried these yet cause summer passed, but I think they're definitely more practical than a paper clip I used to use.
Below those, there are some metallic nail stickers #01 let metals go glow by Essence that glow in the dark which I always find super cool.
On the top, there's Essence prime+studio mattifying+pore minimizing primer with black clay that I love so far. It makes my face smooth and it's just a bit sticky so my make-up goes on really well. I can also wear it without make-up for just mattifying effect.
In the end, there are two pieces of jewelry. One is an ankle bracelet which I wore quite a lot of times and I love how chunky it actually is and it draws so much attention to my legs and shoes. I love it! Next to it, there's a Christmas themed necklace which was on a discount so I had to have it.

What have you bought during summer or now in fall that you'd like to share?

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