11 October 2018

L'Oreal Smooth sugars nourish scrub (chocolate)

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I already wrote an 'Essentials' post Essentials: Skincare and I mentioned how scrubs are essential products for my skincare. I found them to work well on my skin and I love using them. Most of them can replace few skincare steps so I love a product that also saves my time.

I also mentioned how I especially love chocolate during fall in my post Fall favorites | 2018 so it's no surprise I chose to write about this scrub now. Too bad you can't actually eat it. You can read about two more of these in the posts L'Oreal Smooth sugars clear scrub (kiwi) and L'Oreal Smooth sugars glow scrub (grapes) or you can read about all L'Oreal masks and other products under the label 'L'Oreal Paris'.

Softens, smooths. Three fine sugars + cocoa butter. For face and lips. Gentle texture. Exfoliants of 100% natural origin. Your nourishing scrub with velvety texture.
Sugars is a natural exfoliant rich in essential nutrients. We have selected fine crystals of brown, golden and white sugars, for deep yet gentle exfoliation. Cocoa butter is rich with essential fatty acids, known to soothe dryness. Coconut oil is packed with lipids, renowned to protect the skin barrier. Cocoa grains are infused into the scrub to remove dead skin cells and soften skin. Delicately scented, the concentrated, velvety formula gives a unique cleansing experience. Instant and lasting, visible results.
Immediately: skin is soft and smooth
Use for one week: skin is more comfortable and nourished
Use after use: skin is revived with bounce, and a baby-soft touch

How to use: On clean and moist skin, apply a small amount to the face and lips. Add warm water and gently massage in a circular  motion, avoiding the eye area. Once the sugars have melted, rinse away with warm water. Use 3 times per week. Do not use on chapped lips or ingest. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately and thoroughly. Keep away from children.

First impression and thoughts: Unlike the first two scrubs I wrote about, this one has a consistency of a paste. It's very thick, but also easy to get out and soft to work with. It's very easily spread all over the face and easily removed once it's mixed with a bit of water. It had a light scent of chocolate, which for me is a plus. The scent, however, goes away once you apply it. There are small particles in it, small like salt, which are really gentle exfoliants.

Verdict? Depending on my skin condition, I can't really decide whether I like this one more or the grapes one. This one works awesome if you have mostly clean face. It smoothens my face to the baby skin feel. It's also very nice to work with cause it's so soft and creamy once it's mixed with water. I think this one would be the best if you have sensitive skin cause it's so gentle. It also doesn't dry my skin so it usually has that natural glow we all love. I would recommend this product!

Have you tried this product? Are you done with these L'Oreal masks and scrubs or are you still loving them?

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