08 March 2018

L'Oreal Smooth sugars clear scrub (kiwi)

I've already written few words about L'Oreal Paris masks that have basically taken over the beauty world. You can read my thoughts on the green mask here Review: L'Oreal pure clay purify mask (green one) and on red mask here Review: L'Oreal Pure clay exfo mask (the red one). With me being so satisfied with the red one, I had to try new 'sugars' collection. 
Like the red clay mask, these 'sugars' also have some micro-beads in them so they're all good for exfoliation. Or so I thought when I bought all 3 of them. Since I've been using clear scrub (or kiwi sugar, as I like to call it) the most, I'm here to write down my thoughts on it.

Purifies, lifts blackheads. Tree fine sugars + kiwi seeds. Gentle texture. Your clearing scrub with self-heating texture. Exoliants of 100% natural origin. Suitable for all skin types, face and lips.
Sugar is a natural exfoliant rich in essential nutrients. We have selected fine crystals of brown, golden and white sugars, for deep yet gentle exfoliation. Kiwi seeds to smooth skin surface, peppermint essential oil known to reduce blemishes. Lemongrass essential oil recognized for helping to purify pores. Delicately scented, the light, fresh formula heats on the skin, for maximum efficacy and a unique cleansing experience. Instant and lasting, visible results.
Immediately: skin is clear, soft and purified
Use for one week: pores and blackheads are less visible
Use after use: skin is purified and revived, with a baby-soft touch

Packaging: If you owned any of their clay masks, this is in the same container. Nice, sturdy, glass, clear and neat look of this container is very appealing to me. The lid is some gold/bronze/yellow combination and, overall, I like it. The scrub itself looks very fun, looking like a real kiwi. I love that. It's gel consistency, easy to take out of the container and to spread all over your face.

How to use: On clean and moist skin, apply a small amount to the face and lips. Add warm water and gently massage in a circular  motion, avoiding the eye area. Once the sugars have melted, rinse away with warm water. Use 3 times per week. Do not use on chapped lips or ingest. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately and thoroughly. Keep away from children.

First impression: When I first used it, I haven't got the results I wanted. To be fair, my skin was in a terrible state, peeling, with dry patches and not cleansed properly for about a week. Nothing could save that (except their exfo mask). So I rubbed it into my skin and rinsed off. I could still feel a lot of texture on my face, there were still some peeling patches which I thought were going to disappear. So I used it again and again.

Verdict? I don't like these products that you need to wash your face to pristine for them to work. I expect all products to do their job regardless. I know they state otherwise so I listen to them too, but however I used this, it's not giving me the results I'd like to get. Also, kiwi seeds, obviously, don't dissolve in water so they're all over the place and I don't think they do anything to my skin. I'll, of course, continue to use it cause I bought it and I'm not throwing my money away. However, for now, I don't think I would repurchase it. I wouldn't say it's bad, but it's probably just not for my skin. For now, I use it with my SkinPro cleansing device and this combination gives me good results.

I'll get back to you on this product when I do my "Empties" post or sometime if I change my mind.

Out of all clay masks and sugar scrubs by L'Oreal, which is your favorite product?


  1. I've tried their clay masks and I love them! Although, it is a bloody nightmare scrubbing it off haha. Hmm, I never actually thought about those seeds in water. I wrote a review on my blog in January about a bath bomb with seaweed in. What a bloody nightmare that was picking all the seaweed out so I didn't block my drain pipes! NEVER AGAIN x

    1. I actually don't find masks hard to get off, I just massage it with lots of warm water. Green one is the hardest for me...
      I mean, this won't clog anything, but it's just weird having seeds all around and they don't even stay on your face nor do they do anything besides looking like a real kiwi...

      thanks for visiting and commenting :*