26 March 2018

MakeUp Revolution Retro Luxe Gloss lip kit

How many times have you read "I'll keep it down with buying make-up" or "I have way too many lipsticks for a normal person" on my blog? But (!) I've also said many times that I can put on just lipstick without any other make-up product and feel like a queen. So I did it again. I bought another lip kit. 
As usual, I was browsing through local Internet store and I was searching for a lipstick that my mom wanted. As it's from MakeUp Revolution, I filtered it and I saw this kit on discount. Naturally, I don't pass out on good discounts, so here's a new review.

MakeUp Revolution Retro Luxe gloss lip kit comes in 3 shades and I chose the shade Original. There are also matte lip kits and metallic lip kits. There are 3 shades in metallics and 8 shades in mattes. They are mostly nude-ish colors, browns. Matte range has more color options including red, blue and violet.
Kit contains one liquid lipstick and matching lip liner. There is 55 ml of lipstick and 1 g of pencil. I paid around $5 for this kit, while the full price was $12.59. Expiry date for both is 12 months.
I have to say the packaging is quite nice. Products come in a white box with nice bronze details, shade display and shade name both on the front side and on the top in case that's how you wanna store your kit. Box came sealed so you know nobody messed with your lip products which is always a nice plus. Box inside is divided in two diagonally, separating lip liner and lipstick so they wouldn't collide during transport. Lipstick has a nice bronze lid and transparent container showing the shade inside. There's also bronze writing on this nice, sturdy plastic. Lip pencil is black with shade on the bottom and bronze writings again. It's also sealed with plastic wrap so you are again sure it's new and unused. Just by the looks of it, it could easily be mistaken for some way more expensive product.
Both photos are taken inside, under artificial light. They are both unedited. First one is with flash, right one is without flash.
The first thing that's worth mentioning is that the lip liner is a perfect match for the shade of the lipstick (as they should be in a kit). Liner is quite creamy and some may experience that it's not as easy to make a really really clean and sharp line, but I do not seek perfection there so I was satisfied with it. Lipstick is quite pigmented and it's definitely a lipstick, not a lip gloss, but it is very much glossy. It's quite thick and I personally had some minor difficulties applying it. It's a good thing it came with a liner cause I wouldn't be able to make a nice line on my lips. I also wasn't able to cover my lips entirely (which could be just my problem, not the lipstick's fault).

Verdict? You can definitely feel this product on your lips. I also had some difficulties applying it. It's also tacky which was expected to some extent from a glossy product, but I personally didn't like the feeling. It's also transferable. However, I would wear it again, but the shade is just not for me, so I'm giving it to my mom who loves it. I've also heard this shade is a dupe for Kylie Jenner Gloss in the shade Literally, but I can't confirm that cause I've never owned anything by Kylie.

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Do discounts make you buy things you probably wouldn't or you're stronger than that?

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