19 March 2018

Fashion & make-up & jewelry & skin care haul

Whenever I buy something new I plan on writing this post and I ask you on Twitter whether you'd like to see it and the answer is always "yes" and I've still never done it. So, I've finally done it! Over the past few two months I got some new stuff in all categories so I'm showing you all I got.
It will take me a while before I figure out how to get great pictures of clothes and I'm planning on doing a try-on post one day, but for now you'll get these. Also, my camera has a will on its own so there are different photos here, but you'll get it...

I buy most of the stuff in stores here so I can't provide links to all of these, but the ones that have been ordered online, I'll link, review and all that.
Note: There are a lot of photos here so I decided to make galleries. Click on any photo to enlarge it and list to all the others.

You'll see a bit of a theme here with sheer tops. Lately I've been loving layering clothes and I have a feeling sheer tops look good on me. So I got this first one in Orsay. It was around $40 which would usually be way too much for a top, but I've learned long ago that Orsay is worth every penny. I love this one cause it can be casual black top, but its material, layers and interesting sleeves turn it into something sophisticated and elegant.
Second top is from Zara if I'm not mistaken. It was around $20 and it's honestly not worth more. I like it, but that's the top price I would pay for it. It's a lot more sheer and this tank top that's attached to it is quite short. Overall, this top doesn't cover much, but with high-waisted jeans it looks good. I got it mostly for some night outs during winter or fall. I love the bling detail as well.
Last two pieces are the same, but in different colors (obviously). These are just plain shirts (really thin jumpers) I picked out for about $25 total. I love the material and the size XS fits me perfectly. They are from C&A. I rarely buy something this plain with long sleeves, but I immediately loved these two. I also don't have anything (!) pink in my closet, so this is a change and a challenge.
Following, these are two pieces ordered online, both from Rosegal. First one (Vintage Print Flare Sleeve Empire Waist Blouse - Cerulean) is flowy top in dark blue color with interesting ornaments. It also has two strings to tie in the front and wide 3/4 sleeves. I really like the material, it's way nicer that I expected. I ordered size M and it's OK, but a bit too tight in my chest area (I don't have proportional waist to chest/shoulders area so I usually have this problem). Too bad it's not exactly as the picture showed on their site because I like their design more, but I'm still really happy with it.
Second one (Raglan Sleeve Sheer Embroidery Top - Black) follows my sheer theme. I also got it in size M and it fits nicely everywhere, except in my upper arm area. There's this mesh, sheer material that doesn't stretch so that's a bit of an issue. however, black parts are also from nice material, it falls down nicely to. If I got it in one size bigger, it would fit perfectly, but it's still wearable. There's also a lot more embroidery on their photo than in real life.
Moving on to beauty stuff. I got few of these Essence brushes. They just gave us their new line with these pretty white brushes and few new shapes so I got myself some. You should know by now how much I love their brand and this brushes, especially for eye make-up.
There was also a discount on all Maybelline products so I got myself my favorite foundation in the shade #115 and #130 for when I get a bit darker so I can either mix two of these or I can just wear the darker one. I also got their setting powder which I have no idea how it performs. There's also this single eyeshadow by Essence to fit in my customized palette.
Along with the above, I picked up some new Essence stamping plates for manicures, a mirror to fit my palette and their nail glue which is absolutely the best glue ever. I got myself Nivea's Urban skin defence cream cause you know how much I love that brand for skincare. I'm yet to try this one, but expect a review sometime. Last thing here is this black peel-off mask that I actually got with my purchase of this Nivea cream.
Last thing I have to show you is jewelry. I got this long rose gold (I know the picture doesn't really show colors) teddy bear with rhinestones which I love wearing on one-color tops (like the first one in this post). All other stuff are from Orsay again cause they had huge discounts on jewelry. I got this silver sturdy choker that looks like it's braided, this very round gold necklace with Swarovski rhinestones and this gorgeous elegant gold bracelet.

** On a personal note this week: Inventions - how?

That would be all! Finally, I know. If you have your favorites here, feel free to let me know :)

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