15 March 2018

Rewind/kill time without "wasting" it!

How long has it been since I did a 'Lifestyle' post? Two months? Even more if I don't include New Year's resolutions and Blogmas. It was about time to change this. Since my college year started, I noticed how I have way less time and way more stress ahead of me. Although, I knew this was coming, you can never be fully prepared.
Now I'm going to share some ideas how to rewind, relax and have a time to yourself without actually wasting time. Of course, what's a waste to one man, it's a treasure to another.

Note: Some of these are my ways too, but I'll include some I see my family and friends using too.
  • gym
This one is definitely not my style, but I see so many people that are relaxed in the gym and they feel fully fresh afterwards. There's also that thing where you're actually doing good for your body so it's not a waste of time, but it's a break from everyday problems.
  • TV, books, YouTube
Although some would categorize this as a waste of time, I love them. I love reading blogs, articles, watching YouTube videos and my favorite movies or TV shows. Whenever I go over on Internet, I make sure I read or watch at least one important thing (politics, current events, wars, global warming or just something I find important to me...). That way, even though I spent few hours doing nothing, I have one story that wasn't a "waste of time" and that's basically my excuse.
  • podcasts
I know these are really popular now so I had to try them out. I usually listen to them while going to or from college so my travel time feels reduced and I'm not bored to death those 1,5 hours. I'm currently listening to three so I'll share them: Views with David Dobrik and Jason Nash was the first one I ever started, Based on a True Story (iTunes) is absolutely amazing and so interesting and In the Dark is crime podcast solving real crime. If you want me to make a post just about podcasts I listen to, let me know in the comments.
  • redecorating/decluttering
If you're like me, you love to redecorate anything. You can do it to your bags and just move some stuff and clear it out, you can do it to your room, desktop,... Whatever. It's not that you're not doing anything, but it can relax you and you'll see the great result in the end.
  • shopping
Now, make sure you have the money and you really want/need something before you go on a shopping spree. However, it was proven that shopping decreases stress. If you're getting something you actually need, you won't 'waste' money or time, but you'll get a break from your chores and responsibilities.
  • pampering
You're going to do it sometime anyway. Some may find it annoying, some enjoy it, but we all do it - more or less. Exfoliate your face, do some masking, wash your hair, shave... If you're a guy you can also do these or shave/trim your beard, go and get a haircut, clip your nails...
  • chores
I don't know who can be relaxed while cooking or cleaning the house, but I've heard those people exist. So, if that's your thing, go ahead. Even if you already ate or you just cleaned yesterday. You can always eat your food in the evening or the other day and it's always a good thing to have a clean house.
  • make a list/plan something
Making lists is something I love doing. I love writing packing lists, shopping lists, to-do lists... You name it. Also, as I got into this blogging world and as my life got more and more stuff to take care of, I got myself few planners and now my life seems a bit more organized. So, by doing these, I'm actually preparing myself for something, I'm making my life easier (as I like to believe) and I'm also actually just chilling on my bed writing that.

** On personal note this week: Is working out only for fit people?

Which are your favorite ways to kill time and relax? Do you find them being a waste of time or not?

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