30 October 2015

Review - L'Oreal and Maybelline lipsticks

I was in a search of a good dark red lipstick lately so, now that I've found it, I can write something about it. Also, as I am, while I was buying one lipstick, the other one caught my eye so I have two reviews to write.
I'll start with the one I've been looking for so long. This is perfect dark red lipstick called Laetitia's pure red from Collection exclusive by Laetitia by L'Oreal Paris. There are more red colors in the collection so check them out. It is really long-lasting dark red lipstick with just a bit of brown effect once put on the lips. It is enough creamy to be easily put on the lips but not that creamy that you will have the feeling of having a lip gloss. Stating that it has a great coverage, one layer is more than enough. I would recommend you to buy a lip liner in the same color as the mistakes are really visible with this one. Another thing that I love is this perfectly designed container in matte black with few gold details.  It looks really elegant. It has standard roll-out procedure.
This lipstick costed me around $15. I would say this is a perfect price for the product you're getting.
I would highly recommend this lipstick! But, if you want it please hurry cause I heard that this collection is soon gonna be canceled. I'm buying the same tomorrow cause I'm so satisfied with it and I want to have it as long as I can.
Moving on to my new love... This is No. 342 Mauve mania by Maybelline New York. The collection is ColorSensational. I chose this one for everyday use since it's only few shades darker than my lips but still in the same tone. It's basically darker (not really dark) pink shade. Once put on the lips it has slightly purple tone, but the pink one is still dominant. It is creamier than the above one which should mean (I learned it like that) that it will not be as durable as the L'Oreal's one but I just had it for 5 hours and it was the same as when I put it on. I would say that's what you're looking in a lipstick. The color I expected was light pink but the lights in the store confused me and now I have this. I still love it, this just means I'll have to buy another one. I think I'll find another lighter one also by Maybelline NY since the formula and the price are great.
This lipstick costs around $9. Now, that's a perfect price for quality make-up. Coverage is great but, as I'm used to put more layers if I have light lipsticks, I put 2 layers and the color was amazing. Also, this one does not require lip liner.
If you're into something simple, do go and get yourself a new lipstick!

P.S. I do not own the photos below. I found them on the Internet but I thought they could help you see what you're getting.

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