13 October 2015

Black going to a party

Black is ultimate good choice when it comes to clothes (as is white). Here are some combinations with the perfect black.
I started this outfit with a perfect little black dress that is not too elegant. This dress will suit the best the girls who are not flat (stylist fact as I heard).
Since this dress has a gold plate in the middle, I chose golden high-heeled sandals. These are perfect because they're simple but have just the right amount of straps to make them interesting, and hopefully, comfortable.
Keeping it simple again with the black clutch bag which has golden sides to make it more stand out and incorporated with the rest of the outfit.
As for the jewelry, I chose big gold statement necklace. I love those when I have free upper chest and shoulders as with this dress.
There are highlighted eyes with fake lashes, nude but beautiful color of the lipstick and black or red nail polish. Either one will look great.
This is a beautiful summer going out outfit.
We have light and sleeveless black blouse. What's more perfect than black and white combination? That's why I added white jeans.
Since I'm trying to keep this elegant and as an evening look, I chose beautiful beige/nude high heels. They have platform and straps so they have to be really comfortable, which is most important after all.
As for the accessories, I went with beige clutch which goes great with the shoes (which I like) and has golden strap. In that tone, I chose a watch and some bracelets too. Earrings are a bit different. They are nude with black and gold elements. Black had to be incorporated to make some connection to the main piece of this outfit.
Make-up is also nude and light, as it suits this look.

You can see all the pieces and their prices on Polyvore (even if you aren't a member).

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