16 October 2015

Pink ombre and glitter nails

Pink is ultimate girly color. It gives a girl a finishing look of a princess. Maybe that's why I loved this so much. It may seem complicated, but I assure you it's not. It took me about 40 minutes to do all this and it's because I needed to wait for all to be dry before going to the next step.
Order of this post: what you'll need, description how to do this nails and product which I used.

You'll need:
  • transparent (or any other) base nail polish
  • pink nail polish
  • pink glitter
  • light pink nail polish
  • white nail polish
  • white nail polish with a striper or a thin brush
  • sponge
  • glitter nail polish
  • pink rhinestones
  • top coat
  • I applied base coat on all of my nails.
  • After the base coat had been dried, I applied darker pink nail polish on all of my fingers except for the thumb.
  • I applied second coat of the same pink polish on all of the fingers again, except for the ring finger.
  • For the thumb I chose white nail polish first.
  • On the ring finger (first finger next to a pinky) I applied a new coat of the the same pink nail polish and while it was still wet, I put my finger in a container of pink glitter.
  • I whipped of the extra glitter around my nail with a wide brush. I did not go over the nail with a brush until it was almost completely dry.
  • Once the white coat was dry I did my pink ombre - I painted half of sponge with darker pink and half of it with light pink.
  • I dabbed the sponge onto my nails few times to create an easy transfer from dark to light pink.
  • Once the ombre was almost dry, I started painting a butterfly. I chose lighter wing on the darker half of the nail and darker wing for the lighter part.
  • Once the wings were dry, I painted the outline of it and added a dot on the upper wing and glitter nail polish only on the wings.
  • Once everything was dry, I applied top coat on all fingers except for the ones with glitter.
  • I also added two rhinestones on each thumb.

I used:

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