25 October 2015

My favorites: Eye make-up

When it comes to my eye make-up, I like to keep it simple. Eye pencil is most of the times my only partner, but I do have my favorites.
My first and most important choice is Long lasting eye pencil by Essence. This shade is 01 Black Fever. For me, there is only one color made to be on the eyes and that is black. It suits me the best so I found this eye pencil perfect. It really is long lasting. It has thin pencil inside which enables me to draw straight and smooth lines around my eyes. It can't be removed with only water, but it does smudge a bit if you're sweating or in the rain, etc. It has a great roll-out system so you do not have to sharpen it like the old style pencils. Because it has a really great coverage, you need to put only small amount of it, just one layer. With that in mind, and the fact that it's really long pencil, this item could last you really long time. The price of this amazing product is only around $2. This is the best investment in my eye make-up collection I ever made. It also comes in different colors so definitely check it out. There are also a lot of products similar to this one by Essence so check it out which one suits you the best.
My next favorite product is gel eyeliner, also by Essence. This shade in particular it 01 Midnight in Paris. The only thing you need to worry about this product is the fact you'll need a perfect brush to apply it. I use gel eyeliner brush by Essence. This eyeliner is an amazing product. It is really intense, the coverage is perfect every time, the gel is waterproof. If you're looking for an eyeliner, these are what you're looking for. It comes in the cutest little round container and it is so practical. One more thing about it. If you buy a brush made for gel eyeliners (the brush should be harder than those for e.g. eyeshadow and narrower to the tip) you can just dab it in the gel once and that will be enough color for the whole eye. You don't need to scratch on the surface with it. Gel is about $4.
P.S. This isn't my eye. I'm just showing you the coverage.
Now, this is not really my favorite (only the top two products are), but I also love it. If you're more a smokey-eyes kinda girl, there is I love glam powder eyeliner and eyeshadow. It doesn't say which color this is (black of course, but the exact name isn't written) so I guess there's only black one. Great thing about this is that it leaves a darker line in the middle and smudges the edges. You basically get eye pencil, eyeliner and eyeshadow in one product. However, this is a bit trickier to work with as it has dust and little glitter in it so you have to be careful how you put it on. Besides that, application is really easy, maybe even easier than with any of the above products. When I put it on, I like to blow at it from all the sides just to be sure all extra dust is gone. As for the items above, this one also lasts a long time since you only need a small amount to make a line. However, this one is not proven to be waterproof. So be careful with it.

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