20 October 2015

Winter incoming

As we are currently struggling with the weather change and it is getting colder, it's time to bring warmer clothes in our closets. Better prepare in time.
Who says black is for the winter? This is adorable light combination perfectly cozy and warm for fall/winter days.
I think I started it with this beautiful white knitted sweater (which are usually the best for cold days). Since I went for this lighter look, I had to choose beige jeans (white ones would be too much for my taste).
With all this in mind, black accessories would be to much so I went with big beige bag and beige gloves. The hat is white so the person wouldn't feel like wearing a beige uniform.
Timberlands (fake or not) are just perfect footwear for cold weather. These are great because of their neutral color and white fur (hopefully fake) to round the whole look.
I only chose a necklace as jewelry. It is slightly yellow to match both the light tone and shoes.
Make-up is really natural and light, with highlight on the eyes and golden nails.
This outfit has a grey tone. Gray is a great color as it can be combined with almost everything (as white and black).
There are some simple blue jeans which are great base for any outfit. Next on, I added, again, knitted sweater with white and pink details to break the monotony. Fitted gray coat is just a perfect round-up of the whole upper part.
As there are, for now, only white, pink and gray colors there, I chose accessories in the same style. There is white knitted scarf, gray knitted hat and gloves.
Now, again to break the gray part, there are two black leather (fake if possible), very important pieces.
I chose above-knee-height boots which are an absolute must-have during fall/winter. They are practical and look great on skinny jeans or skirts/dresses.
Not to leave boots alone in the black department, I chose simple smaller black bag. It will round the upper and lower part as a whole since it's a long strap bag.

You can see all the pieces and their prices on Polyvore (even if you aren't a member).

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