11 October 2015

Tattoo liner

I have just tried the new Essence tattoo liner for skin and nails. I had to write about it immediately because it is such a great product. It is so similar to an eyeliner (I am not sure if it can be used as an eyeliner) but it is great for nail art and, apparently, to add some decoration on your fingers. I can not believe that I haven't tried to use eyeliner to draw on my nails, but now I have a perfect drawing tool.

You'll need:
  • green nail polish
  • base coat
  • matte finishing coat
  • black liner
All nail polishes are described in one of my previous posts: "My favorites - nails".
  • I started with one layer of base coat.
  • Then there are two thin layers of green nail polish.
  • Once the green polish was dried, I started drawing random ornaments.
  • Afterwards, I added matte nail polish as a cover.
  • As the matte cover was drying, I put on rhinestones on only highlighted nails.

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