23 October 2015

Light purple with rainbow rhinestones

Diagonal manicures are one of my favorites. They are really easy to do but they look different and, that being said, very unique and great.

You'll need:
  • base coat
  • light purple nail polish
  • darker nail polish with a striper
  • colorful rhinestones
  • top coat
  • optional - nail glue
  • First goes the transparent base coat.
  • After the base is dried, we're going in with light purple from one corner of the nail diagonally to the other corner. To make it more precise you can make a line with a pen or pencil and then cover it with nail polish. Do not stress if the line is not perfectly straight.
  • Pick some nails you want to put rhinestones on.
  • To disguise a rough edge, we'll cover it with darker nail polish. Straight line is made with a striper in the polish or a thin brush. It goes on all other nails but those previously picked out.
  • Choose whichever rhinestones you think go together and start placing them either on wet top coat or on nail glue.
  • Seal it with top coat. Or don't. Mine don't have top coat.
I used:

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