12 December 2016

New in: Make-up (NYX & MakeUp Revolution & Essence)

In the past few months, I've bought quite a nice collection of make-up. Some of it I really needed, some just looked pretty, but now I have it all and I wanted to show you what I got. About two months ago NYX came to my country so that was a perfect start of this haul post.
I've been using some stuff, that's why there are fingerprints and there's no original packaging.
I'll write just a short review of each product, but you can expect full reviews sometime in the 2017 (these are not limited editions or special collections so I hope they're still be in stores...).

Left to right: NYX intense butter gloss #03 toasted marshmallow, AURA Geisha matte lip cream #maiko, NYX Lingerie liquid lipstick #04 ruffle trim, NYX Lingerie liquid lipstick #12 exotic, NYX cosmic metals lip cream #10 ultraviolet, NYX suede matte lip liner #20 oh put it on, NYX liquid suede cream lipstick #20 oh put it on, NYX liquid suede cream lipstick #18 foul mouth
I'll start with probably the most loved products - liquid lipsticks. As you can see, I went quite crazy in the NYX store. I was looking for the darkest purple shade there is and I chose #18 foul mouth for it. It looked purple, and the packaging is purple, but it's the bluest blue lip color! So I got #20 which, by the packaging should be dark red, but it's purple. And lip liner matches it perfectly! Lingerie lipsticks are by far my favorite. Both of these are perfect everyday colors, but I wore #12 exotic to a wedding and it looked amazing! Butter gloss has an amazing shine, but it loses shine after some time and you're left with plain color on your lips which is good too. I haven't tried #maiko and #ultraviolet yet.
Left to right/up to down: Essence The false lashes mascara #02 extreme volume and curl, Essence liquid ink waterproof eyeliner, Maybelline color tattoo 24h #70 metallic pomegranate, Maybelline color tattoo 24h #65 pink gold, NYX jumbo eye pencil #604 milk, Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette #Flawless, Makeup revolution eyeshadow palette #Acid brights
I don't wear a mascara, but I got this one so I could get a discount on a lens for my camera. Next to it, there's this black eyeliner which is absolutely amazing! It's the cheapest out there, but it's so pigmented, black, doesn't smudge or transfer once it's dry... Just amazing! I've showed you that I already have one color tattoo eyeshadow (in the post here) which I really like so I got myself two more in really popular colors. Then I got a simple white pen eyeshadow just because I got this bright palette so I really want my colors to be vibrant and visible. I haven't tried the Acid brights palette yet, though... What I also haven't got the chance to try is this Flawless palette which looks amazing and it's so loved in the blogging/make-up world.
Left to right/up to down: AURA shine killer microfinish powder, Essence eyebrow waterproof top coat, Catrice Prime and fine professional contouring palette #10 ashy radiance, Essence get picture ready pore refining mattifying primer, Maybelline super stay 24h makeup locking setting spray
I've been using my Essence compact powder forever to keep my make-up in place, but I see the hype for loose powders so I thought I would give it a try. I just opened it so I haven't used it yet, but the first thing I saw was powder all over the box and outside the container. I don't fill in or draw my eyebrows at all since they're quite thick and long, but for these reasons, I got myself this transparent gel to keep them in place. Works great so far. I haven't tried contouring palette yet, but I was won over with these two colors. Since I haven't bronzed or contoured my face ever, I'm really excited to see how this is going to work. Next is new Essence primer which I'm absolutely loving! It mattifies my face, doesn't dry it and keeps my make-up on. Win! Last is fixing spray which I'm only using if I'm going out and I have to say it does make a difference, but, like everything, it fades away after couple of hours.

Prices (all are approximately because I have to convert currencies):
  • get picture ready primer - $6
  • prime and fine contouring palette - $5
  • super stay setting spray - $8.50
  • shine killer setting powder - $7.50
  • color tattoo gel-cream eyeshadow - $6.50 (I got them for $5 each on discount)
  • liquid suede cream lipstick - $8 (I got them for $6.50 each on discount)
  • suede matte lip liner - $3.50 (I got it for $3 on discount)
  • intense butter gloss - $6.50 (I got it for $5.50 on discount)
  • jumbo eye pencil - $5.50
  • cosmic metals lip cream - $8 (I got it for $6.50 on discount)
  • lingerie lip - $8
  • geisha matte lip cream - $6.50
  • eyebrow top coat - $3
  • liquid ink eyeliner - $4
  • Flawless eyeshadow palette - $6.50
  • Acid Bright eyeshadow palette - $7
Total worth: $105.50

Wow! I spent to much! Have I? What do you think? Do you have any of these products? Would you recommend some?


  1. The Flawless palette is beautiful! MUR products are so good for the money, I'd like to get another palette by them. I always go a bit crazy when a store has Nyx products, too, none of the ones near me carry them!

    1. I used Flawless two times by now and it's really amazing. Pigment + staying power = win! :D

      thanks for reading :)

  2. Ova neutralna MUR paleta je i meni na WL, stvarno je prekrasna :)

    1. Evo ja sam je do sad koristila dva puta samo (doduse isti look sam radila) ali je odlicna. pigmentirana i stajalo je bez micanja dobrih 6 sati (onda sam ja skinula) i stvarno se isplati. nasla sam je na pink pandi na snizenju po 44 kn mislim :)

      hvala na citanju :)