08 June 2017

Balea beauty box

I got this cute package for my birthday (in January) and I only tried this now. For some reason, I wanted a perfect, calm evening for pampering in peace. I finally got that evening and here's a review.

In this box, I got one bath bomb, one shower gel and one body souffle (or body lotion). I've never tried bath bomb before so this was very new to me. I filled my tub with warm/hot water and the relaxing evening could start.
Remove the foil and enjoy for 10 to 20 minutes in the bath temperature of 36°C-38°C. After bath, rinse well and just tap the skin with a towel. Suitable for all skin types.
I love the packaging and I think it's super cute in pink with stripes and different details. All of these apparently have a scent of vanilla and lemon, but I honestly don't like the combination and couldn't probably tell that's these two scents (and I really don't like vanilla scent).
Bath bomb.
I've seen a lot of bath bombs videos so I had some expectations. When I first placed this in the water, nothing happened. It took few more seconds before this bomb started dissolving like any other would. As my tub is white and this bomb is essentially white, I couldn't see that pretty rainbow colors, but I was only concentrated on the final result. Also, this has no smell. The thing that freaked me out a bit were pieces of this bomb that didn't dissolve - these stalks. It took it about half an hour (or even more) for the whole ball to dissolve.
Body souffle.
I used this like any body lotion. I noticed that it's a bit streaky when you apply it (if you know what I mean when a body lotion is like that). However, It's not hard to smooth it over your skin. It is more on a hydrating side, but it's not watery. I used this after taking a bath-bomb bath on the upper part of my body because I have rather small bath so only the lower part of my body was actually in the water.
Shower gel.
Out of all these, shower gel has the nicest smell cause I can feel lemon the most. I used it separately because they said just to rinse off the bath bomb with water and not to treat skin with any other products. 
I was expecting this bath bomb to be a huge fail after what I've seen, but my skin was so buttery, but not greasy afterwards that I was so pleasantly surprised! I honestly loved how smooth my legs were and how nourished they felt. Although it wasn't really that pretty, the effect was awesome so I loved it! The only bad side to it is that my tub was really greasy afterwards and I had to clean it. Body lotion is basically as any other, but I really don't like the smell of it. As for the shower gel, it has the nicest smell, but it's also like any other shower gel.
The only thing I would actually recommend is bath bomb unless you need that colorful, glittery bath with special scents. If you're going only for great results, than this is a great bath bomb. The rest of these products aren't worth purchasing if you're looking for something great and new.


  1. The bath bomb sounds really nice, I'm so glad it wasn't a fail for you :)

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    1. I'm glad I got this and didn't buy it cause the rest of it is good, but nothing special. Bath bomb left such great feeling so that was definitely a win :)

      thank you for coming :*