24 July 2017

Barry M color changing lip paint

You can't tell me you've never been intrigued by weird colors in make-up. There’s something really appealing in colors you know you’ll probably never wear. But you have to have them. I always think these would look great for a photoshoot. When am I ever going to have a photoshoot? 
For most days, I keep my make-up simple and very ordinary. Standard brownish smokey eyes, just a bit of bronzer and a nice mauve lipstick is all I need. Then I did this look and everything changed. However I still needed an every day make-up.
I saw this magical lipstick by Berry M and I knew I had to try it. It wasn’t expensive at all and I had some discount code so I got it for about $4. When I opened it, my mom looked at me weirdly with the look ‘you spend your money on light green lipstick?’. So I really hoped this would work. And it did. It’s some kind of magic, but this green really turns into pink.
It worked differently on my mom and me, but it’s very wearable color in both cases. As much as I don’t like pink lip colors, this one is a nice, subtle pink suitable for every day wear and also for some soft evening looks.
As for the durability, it’s not the best lipstick out there, but it lasted until I ate and then it started to fade. Fortunately, it didn’t fade in patches or anything like that. It faded really nice, turning slowly into my natural lip color. I reapplied it very easily and moved on with my day.
Now they have a blue one which turns into more mauve shade. If I had known I would have waited for that one cause I prefer those shades, but maybe I’ll just get that one as well. This green one is usually in my bag for a quick fix-up as it suits most make-up looks. It just enhances my natural lip color in more pinky note, so that usually goes well with my usual make-up.

Do you have any lipstick that changes colors? What do you think about those?

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