11 September 2017

Summer manicures

Summer is slowly coming to an end, but that won't stop me from posting some more summer related topics. Summer is definitely not my favorite season, but it's the season when I go most crazy with my manicures with all neon colors and colorful designs.
Now you'll see three different manicures I did this summer I loved the most. I'll probably do a separate post just for my favorite out of these favorites so your job it to guess which one that will be.
Note: For better pictures, open this post...
Peach fruit manicure
This one was first out of my summer manicures so I had to incorporate it here. It's basically simple peach based manicure with some fruits and gold accents. I used different finishes (matte and shiny) and also different geometric patterns (lines and dots) for more interesting look. This manicure was done in about 40 minutes.
1000 miles under the sea
I went on my vacation so I had to make one blue manicure so I would go great with the sea next to me. I used many different techniques such as ombre effect, peeling off stripes reveling white background, taping glossy silver stripes and cutting out shapes of palm trees and crabs. This manicure took me about 2 and a half hours to do cause everything needed to be fully dry before doing the next step.
Black and white beach
I also wanted something elegant, but still summer oriented. So I chose all-time-safe combination of black and white and added some gold stars. I also stick on some birds and arrows and to keep the theme going, I needed some beach motives so I took an anchor and flip-flops. This manicure was done in about an hour.

So, which one is your favorite? Which one you think will get the separate post?


  1. Oh wow that's actual nail art! I'm never that dedicated with my nails haha. I love the blue look, the little crab motifs are so cute x

    1. It depends on my mood and time, but I usually love doing nail art and, as you can see, I really dedicate a lot of time to it :)
      Thank you! blue one was my favorite too so I'll so a separate post showing how I got there haha

      thank you for coming :*