03 May 2018

A pop of yellow

OK, let's first talk about how one page I used a lot, Polyvore, was sold so some other company and now the whole community is left without any of their works. I had more than 300 looks put together there and they're all gone. Without any warning. Thank God I used those looks for posts here so I have some saved, but my most recent ones are my favorites and they're gone forever.
Well, spring is back! Now that we're a bit pissed off and sad, I'll show you some outfits I managed to put together before the site went down. I have some more of these planned, but now I have to be very careful how I post these...
Note: Unlike any other fashion post from Polyvore so far, you won't be able to find links and prices of the items. Because the site no longer exists, unfortunately.

When I was putting together this outfit I was thinking about a relaxed work atmosphere followed by a coffee or a visit to a restaurant afterwards. If this was a real strict dress code, this wouldn't work cause of the open-toe shoes (and basically shoes all together). Anyway, I think yellow shoes and accessories will compliment this outfit well and they'll break this black-and-white thing we have going on here.
How fun is this dress? I don't know how I would look in this, but I love the idea of it, for sure. I wanted to make this outfit more edgy than elegant or cute so I chose some spiky necklace and ring. I also couldn't decide which shoes to choose. Higher heel is more my style here, but, since this can be a day outfit, lower ones may be a better choice. Make-up is neutral, but we have this really cute and bright yellow purse to round this look.
I have a feeling Celine T-shirts were a huge thing for a really short amount of time, but I still like the idea of a simple white T-shirt with black graphics. Since the writing is higher on the top, this would go great with a high-waist skirt which can look really casual. Playing it safe with all black accessories, of course. Then I knew it would be easier to put a yellow bag than yellow shoes cause I was afraid yellow shoes would get lost in this outfit. That's why we have complementary color here in purple shoes.
You all know I love blazers so I had to have one look with it. Simple white pants, white T-shirt and a bright yellow blazer would make a good look. To add some edge I added these nude heels, but with some snake print. To match it, I was able to find a purse that would go great with both of these parts.

** On a personal note this week: High school vs. uni/college

Which is your favorite item out of all of these? Do you usually wear yellow?


  1. Really liked the post! I love the pops of yellow, it’s my favorite color!
    About the whole Polyvore thing... you should of gotten an e-mail about it in the promotion section. I saw it today and I’m 90% the deadline to save your account hasn’t ended yet!!

    1. Thank you :) I don't wear much yellow, but I love to add it with some bags or scarves...

      Yes, I got the mail and thankfully I saved everything. But thank you so much for letting me know anyways :*