25 June 2018

Body hair & shaving

If you are a girl, I really hope you don't fall into my category with this topic. Since I can remember, I always had quite strong hair, thick, dense and dark brown. And, unfortunately, this didn't stop only on my head. I have the same hair all over my body. Now I know there's a hormonal disorder with extreme hair growth and I don't have that, but I have a pretty bad situation over here.
I have extremely hairy legs, mostly hairy arms, hairs on my belly and a beard. Mustache too, of course. I think some guys would be jealous of my hair growth. If you are not bothered by body hairs, this isn't post for you. However, if you struggle like I do, here are some of my products, tips and routines.

I don't always do this before shaving, but I do sometimes "exfoliate" my skin (legs). I'll usually just lightly wash them so they would be clean before applying shaving gel/cream. If I have some important occasion (like a wedding), then I'll most definitely exfoliate first so they are smooth. I'll also exfoliate after shaving them too. During summer, I shave every 3 days. I will sometimes go for a professional waxing so this can change drastically depending on my schedule, occasions, money,...
I'll start with my favorite products. I've been using Balea shaving gels for years now and I just love them. They are really affordable, with a range of great scents, they last a long time and do the job well. I mainly use shaving gel to see where I've been with a razor which was a bit harder to see while I was using just transparent shower gel.
Then I have my new razor. I got this Venus razor few months ago as I heard from a fellow blogger that her shaving routine has improved so much after investing in a more quality razor. So I did the same. At first I struggled a lot with this swirling head so I had to hold it in place with my fingers which made it easier to use in my armpits. For legs, I don't have this problem and I actually like that it bends with my leg. Also, since I've had this, I haven't got one single cut! I'm not saying this is the best razor, but real razors like this will make your life easier. This one has 5 blades and I've noticed a huge difference in how easy it is to shave now.
I finish my routine with a body lotion of any kind, but I've been using these Fruttini products (post Review: Fruttini body scrub and lotion) for years now and they are the best for me. Be careful cause they can burn just a bit if you have some cuts or irritated skin.

I don't do much to my face, but there comes a point every few weeks where I can't stand my facial hair. My peach fuzz turns into real hairs on my chin and sometimes neck. I also have slightly more visible sideburns which is really annoying.
I already showed you my bikini razor (post Veet beauty styler) that I use for my facial hair and it's been working great so far. It's easy to use, 100% cut free, gentle and effective.
If I'm not going anywhere, I'll apply this Veet depilation cream. I use this for my mustache area all the time and I don't have any complaints. On this area it does leave just a bit of redness which usually fades within half an hour. However, if I use it all over my face (meaning cheeks, sideburns, chin and under shin), it will leave huge red marks all over my cheeks so I avoid using it if I know I'll have to leave my house. I'm sure it's not the cream's fault, but my skin so I'm totally OK with it. I don't do this too often.
As for my eyebrows, I pluck them and trim them a bit which I'll probably show you in a whole different post as eyebrows are a huge thing right now.

The more time passes, the more I'm OK with my arm hairs. However, again, there comes a time when I can't stand them. So I tried beaching them which looked super weird and removing them with this Veet cream which was painful cause I had to keep my arms straight not touching anything for 10 minutes. I finally shaved them off with a simple razor which wasn't too bad, but did irritate my skin a bit. I now only use this Veet beauty styler and it's going just great.

** On a personal note this week: Where I am vs. where I thought I would be by now

Do you shave/wax/pluck? What's your most problematic area?


  1. I struggle too I usually wax and shave I mostly shave only on my legs and armpits and waxing only on my eyebrows, mustache, side burn and next now on my arms which have a love and hate relationship I one time waxed them and I end up hating it on how much it let my skin be irritated for weeks and well when it started growing I felt like a porcupine. I'm thinking about bleaching my arm hair at least but I don't know what product I should get.


    1. firstly, thank you for visiting and leaving a comment :)
      now, I can't wait to get more money to try laser hair removal. I feel like shaving is such a pain and waste of time.
      too bad you had irritated skin, I'm lucky it doesn't affect mine...
      I used some blond hair dye, not actual bleach. it worked well but it was a struggle not moving my arm for half an hour. also, it did burn a bit near the end of the process but I didn't have any problems afterwards :) hope it goes well