04 February 2019

10 blogger wishes (for 2019?)

** On a personal note this week: Things that need to die in 2019

You know I haven't prepared a post for today, so you're getting this one. Is this cheating in posting schedule? Maybe. Will you hold it against me? Hopefully not. There's a lot going on in my hear for the past few weeks so, naturally, it transformed onto my blog. Enough about me...
Every time I bring some post like this on this blog, I feel scared to post it, but again very happy because I can show some other side of myself here. And I get that you guys really like personal or semi-personal posts. Let me know if you really do... I guess it's going to be a win-win?

The reason why I named this "blogger wishes" is because this list is purely made for purposes of this blog. You'll see what I mean. There are a lot (!) of wishes for my personal life as traveling, career wise and other, but this blog is also a big part of my life so here's my list. Yes, it's a wishlist.
  • James Charles x Morphe eyeshadow palette
Can I be more blogger than this? For starters, I do not follow James anywhere nor I'm a fan, but I of course heard of his palette. I'm really drawn to that palette. There are shades for every day looks and all those bright colors that look awesome. I also love how affordable it is considering it's a "celebrity" collab. I would also like to make myself post make-up looks I create with it...
  • Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray
This has been on my list for so long so I have a feeling I still have to have it even though I'm not really sure setting sprays do anything. If nothing, it will take away powdery effect. Maybe I just need the right one and, according to all make-up artists (or youtubers), this is the one.
  • starting nail salon as a small business
I've talked about this a lot and I've mentioned it before that I actually own a nail technician certificate, but I never actually practiced it after that. I already have the furniture and some equipment and I just need to decide that I'm actually going to start my business.
  • Beauty Blender sponge
OK, I'm not actually going to pay for the real one, but I heard Real Techniques sponge is amazing and, since I really got used to working with a sponge, I think I'll invest into that one.
  • collaboration with Essence
You all know that most of my make-up and especially nail stuff are by Essence and I would love to do something with them. I can write a sponsored post (which means nothing to you, but it would mean the world to me), I can arrange some discount for you guys (without benefiting it at all and I would be OK with it), I can arrange some giveaway which would be absolutely awesome. So Essence team, I'm waiting.
  • attend a blogger event
First of all, blogging isn't that popular in my country and there's not that much going on here, but if there was an event somewhere in Europe, I would love to attend it. Let me immediately say it won't happen because I'm not that dedicated to this and I don't wish for this to turn into my job or anything that serious, but I would just like to experience one event like that sometime in the future.
  • start a YouTube for some posts
I realized there are some posts that are just better shown in a video than in the photos. I already filmed my make-up organization and declutter videos and I think I now have 5 versions of it. I just can't push myself to actually post anything on my channel.
  • meet at least one blogger friend
All of my "blogger friends" are from Twitter and I actually met one, but she lives relatively close to me so it was quite easy to arrange the meeting. I know that this goes more with my wish to travel in general, but if I ever visit some of the places my friends live, I would very much like to meet them.
  • take more outfit photos
You can obviously follow me on Instagram (clickable link on the right), but I never incorporate those into my blog. As I'm planning on getting a tripod, I really hope I'll find a place for my outfit shots because I love taking them.
  • keep this going
I've said it a lot of times now, but I really hope I can keep this blog up and running as I planned to. I also said I'm not taking it too seriously as a real job or any way of making money, but I like to have this responsibility and schedule. In a way it keeps me organized and I just work better if I have stuff to do.

Well, I'll maybe write a part 2 to this, but for now I'm done... What is your blogger wishlist?

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