29 January 2014

It's an animal!

There is a new nail design every day. Mostly all of them are based on good old fashioned French manicure. Why? Because it's the easiest design you can do and it looks great every single time.
This one is one of the most popular nail design among teenage girls. It's a zebra. Wild animal. Of course, there's leopard, but that's too advanced since I've only showed you some simple manicures.

Zebra is calm, gentle, shy and fearful animal. On the other hand, it's a wild animal, as I said. So, basically, zebra pretends to be all sweet and then it shows her other side. People work the same way. They're one in public, one when they're happy, one when they're sad, one when they're alone... It goes on. We all wear our "public face" until we close the door of our home. So, zebra represents the fact that people shouldn't be underestimated on the first sight. Some of them can look harmless, but, when needed, run as hell towards you... Nothing is as it seems...

  • white nail polish with regular brush
  • black nail polish with thin brush
  • Make simple white manicure as I showed you few times before. This time also be careful that your white ends are as straight as possible cause there's nothing covering that.
  • Use black nail polish to make stripes. Make sure they're not straight. They also don't have to be the same length or thickness. Spread them all over the white part so they look as natural as a wild animal can be on nails.
This is pretty much it. Very easy to do.

Explore the wilderness with your new manicure.

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