18 February 2014

Emerald shine

Emerald is a gemstone known for its green color. It is regarded as a traditional birthstone for May, as well as for the astrological signs of Taurus and Gemini.

Personally, I love Emerald for its beautiful green color which I absolutely love.

In this manicure, I used small green (fake) zircons. Manicure itself is very simple, but also very effective.

  • There is a bright nail polish (Essence's French glam) as a base to this design. (I don't use base coats under bright polishes like this because light colors won't make your nails yellow, and base coat would only be one more layer you don't need.)
  • I picked two of my nails on each hand (that I always pick because they give perfect balance, and are the most beautiful on my hands.)
  • Apply glue for artificial nails (or maybe you can find special glue for nail ornaments). I applied it from the bottom inner corner to the upper outer one.
  • Place your zircons on the glue. Don't let the glue dries. (Be quick but careful, or you can do half a nail, then apply glue on the other half and so on...)
  • After finishing, you can apply some transparent nail polish )or you can apply glue over your whole nail to fix everything, but I personally wouldn't recommend that).
For this manicure I used:
  • bright Essence's nail polish
  • nail glue also by Essence
  • green zircons
  • professional nail file by Essence

Enjoy your green shine :)

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