04 February 2014

Taking care of your nails

I should have started this blog with a post like this. Taking care of your nails is important. It comes before base nail polish or a good manicure. You really can't make nails look good if they're bad underneath all that nail polish. Also, the skin around the nail is very important too. If you have nice fingers and skin on it, good manicure is just icing on the cake.

It would be great if you bought nail file for shining nails. It's a sponge with some kind of minerals and it gives your natural nails pretty shine making them look healthier and prettier without any manicure. I believe that and sponge will do the trick but this is really designed for this purpose and it's not expensive.

Before painting your nails make sure they're the right size and shape. Shorten them a bit and make sure they are not broken in any place. If your nail breaks really low and close to the flesh, do not pull it or cut. Put a (sticking) plaster and wait for your nail to grow a bit so you wouldn't end up with a bloody finger. (I had to see some really bad pictures to find this one...)

For the skin around your nail use oil. There are lots of products these days to keep your skin healthy and shiny so almost every company with nail products has oil. Beauty about this is that you don't need to buy specifically oil for nails, you can just use edible kitchen oil. (I use mostly edible oil. Sometimes Essence's.) It gives you the same effect. Also, if you don't like grease, use cream from your bathroom.

If you follow these few very simple steps you can have transformation like this:

Enjoy your healthy shining nails!

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