16 May 2016

How to clean your suede shoes?

Before you start: There are two pictures for both before and after. First one is without any filters or editing. I just used flash so you could see the stains better.
So, I bought this cute and simple beige suede shoes for a wedding I went to last year. There were so many people at a relatively small dance floor and this is the result of it. Most of it is just people's footprints as they walked all over my shoes, but the really dark black stains on the sides are shoe cream a man just put on his shoes. So yay.
You can click on the picture to enlarge it.
Anyways, I was so sad that my beige shoes were destroyed so I decided to take them to a shoemaker (cobbler) to fix them. He did it before with my boots, but their method is to sand the entire shoe and with that remove all the stains. However, my boots came home two shades lighter then they really were. Although, I didn't like this, I was desperate so I decided to take my heels as well.
Thank God, I found a great tip on the Internet. All you need is an eraser. Just take your shoes and erase all the stains and marks.
You'll see that not all of my stains are gone but majority of them are, and those that are left aren't that dark and visible as they were before.
I also heard that you could do the same with a nail file, but I was scared that it would do the same thing that happened to my boots. I think a nail file method works only for black shoes, but I'm not sure. I'm so happy with the way this turned out I just had to share it.
Hopefully, this will be helpful! Tell me if you try this and how it turned out :)

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