12 May 2016

Nivea face care

Since I ran out of my face scrub (which I called sugar, but it's actually salt), I needed something new for my face. As you could have seen on my blog before, I love buying Nivea products because I find they're great balance between price and quality. There were other colors, including blue which I love, but I chose green combination as green is my favorite color and differences between products weren't that drastic.
I'll start with the wash gel. This is gel for cleaning mixed and oily skin. There is said to be sea algae and Hydra IQ in there which should clean your skin deeply, remove extra sebum to remove oily glow without changing your skin structure. I've been using it almost every day before I go to bed. I'm only using light foundation (if I wear make-up at all) so this has been a great product to remove my make-up in the end of the day. Also, you're supposed to use it on wet skin, so I always choose warm water to open up my pores so they could be cleaned as well.
Verdict? I think this is a good face cleanser. It's not too harsh on the skin and granules dissolve really fast. The only thing you really need to be careful is not to get it into your eyes cause this thing burns (I tried)!
Now onto the face lotion. I started using this right after cleaning my face with the product above, but I realized they're pretty much the same, so I changed my routine. I use this in the morning. It's the first thing I put on my face. Then I wait a bit for my skin to absorb it and then I put on my make-up. They say you should put it on twice a day after properly cleaning your face, but this works for me so I won't change it. It gives you satin feeling on your skin. It is for oily skin so it does dry your skin a bit, but not too much. Also, it somehow leaves the healthy glow without the oils. 
Verdict? I'd say you go and get this because it's great for fast cleaning and prepping your skin for the day. Another good side is good scent (smells like a baby shampoo). Also, I use only this as my pre-make-up routine, so my skin has only this as a protection and it works great (have in mind again, that I put really small amount of make-up; only concealer and BB creams).
What's your experience with Nivea products? Will you try these or you have some other recommendation?

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