01 June 2016

Fitoval lotion and shampoo

Since I started college, I noticed a big change in my skin condition, hair and overall my body. I'll consider everything as a result of the stress, but I also wanted to reduce or even stop the impact of it. My mom noticed how I'm losing a lot of hair during washing it, so I went to the pharmacy and bought this shampoo and lotion.
These are both by Fitoval. They are said to be dermatological tested and proven to work. They are for preventing hair loss and for improving hair density.
Shampoo itself should stimulate growth of stronger hair. Also, it should reduce hair loss during washing and increase hair volume. Hair should be shinier and of a greater vitality after washing. I got this for Christmas and I'm still using the same packaging because I'm using it with my usual shampoo and because it takes only small amount of it to cover all the hair. The usage is really simple; put it on a clean wet hair, massage into the scalp and rinse off after 3 minutes.
Verdict? I love the silky formula and how the amount of the size of my nail is enough to cover all my hair (and I have long and pretty thick hair). I have to be honest and say that I haven't seen much improvement, but (!) this could be because I don't comb my hair during the week so I don't gradually lose my hair. I'd say give it a go because pharmacist recommended this so it has to be a somehow good after all. If not, you'll have one bottle of shampoo for a very long time. There's also one anti-dandruff version.
Lotion should keep more hair in the hair growth phase. There are two bottles for total of 16 applications. Usage is a bit trickier as you're supposed to use 5 ml of it every day on all of your scalp or three times a week. This lotion goes into the dry scalp and it's not to be rinsed off. I can't really say if this would work or not because I haven't used it properly.
Verdict? As I said, I can't really be the judge here because I used it for 3 months (so, that's not a proper use). I can only say that after applying this two times on my scalp, my hair looked greasier so I should wash it every two days which is unacceptable for me. Also, the smell and the formula are like pure alcohol which is not very appealing, but if it works, I wouldn't be bothered by that.

Will you give it a try? If you do, share your experiences in the comment section :) Any other advice for hair loss?

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