05 August 2016

Essence brushes haul

I still consider myself new in this make-up world and make-up isn't my whole life, so I'm buying really affordable products. Lately I've been seeing all different types of make-up brushes in my local stores and, as usual. Essence draw my attention with these live colors and cute packaging. I got total of 9 brushes and a bag to store them in for $24.50.
I'll write down what they say about it as well as how I'm planning on using it.
Concealer brush. The ideal brush for applying and blending a liquid or cream concealer precisely. Use the pointed tip to help camouflage small imperfections easily. The flat side is ideal for larger areas like under eye circles. For a perfect and flawless finish! Since I got their concealer pallete (post Spring make-up haul), I thought it would be a good idea to purchase a brush that will help me get this green (which I usually use) on my face. This brush was $2.
Smokey eyes brush. Perfect for an easy application. Blend the two eyeshadow shades. Smudge the contours of the eyeliner. I don't actually know why I got this one cause I never smudge my eyeliner, but I think I'll use it for regular blending and applying eyeshadows. This costs $1.50.
Eyeshadow brush. Eyeshadow brush with soft hair for precise application of loose or pressed eyeshadow. If you read my Essence eyeshadows post then you know I recently got these beautiful shades and I needed something to apply them with. I used the sponge applicator till now, but as soon as I saw these, I knew I had to at least try them. I got two of these so I could use multiple colors without having to wash them every 5 minutes. Each costs $1.50.
Eye blender brush. Eyeshadow brush with extra soft hair for blending and shading one or several eyeshadow colors - for softly blended colors and a perfect finish! Also if you read my post about eye shadows (link here), you would know that I used some flat brush I found to blend everything together. Even though it did a good job, I wanted to be more professional and buy this for easier blending. This one was $2.
Blush brush. Professional blush brush with a special slanted shape, provides precise and expert application of blush. For perfectly highlighted cheekbones. Works especially well with the Essence powder blushes. Good thing I bought their powder blush (in the post Spring make-up haul). I thought this would be super cute brush which is not completely round so you could apply blush more precisely, as they say too. Also, saying blush brush is just a fun thing to do. It costs $3.50.
Powder brush. Professional powder brush with a rounded, paddle-shaped brush provides even application for a flawless finish every time. Works especially well with the Essence compact powder. I also got two of these because I have two powders, one translucent and one with a pigment, both by Essence, so I didn't want to apply both of them with the same brush. Each is $4.
Kabuki brush. Professional brush with a round shape provides even application of powders on face, decollete and body. Suitable for compact and loose powders. Works especially well with the Essence bronzing powder. Unfortunately, I don't use bronzers as I don't know how to, so I think I'll use this for applying my translucent powder to set my make-up cause it's big enough to cover all of my face in just few swipes. (You maybe know I also own a "baby kabuki". Post is here.) This one was $5.
Brush bag. I know it's popular to keep your brushes in a cup, preferably those from IKEA, but this is so cute. Although you can't fit a lot of brushes in there, it will be perfect for travelling. It costs $5.

I hope you liked this. Which brushes would you recommend?
I've been thinking about Spectrum brushes. Or Real Techniques. Or Zoeva. Or Morphe. Any thought on these? Or any others? Help out a fellow blogger :)


  1. I love investing in makeup brushes! These look pretty decent considering how little they cost too, and I really love the packaging! I definitely have my heart set on Spectrum brushes at the moment.

    Thanks for sharing your haul!! xxx

    Y x |

    1. First of all, thank you for stopping by :)
      Second, I love how these look but the quality is not that amazing. It's basically just what you expect for this price BUT I do love the eye shadow brushes :)
      I'll research more about Spectrum, thanks :)