22 August 2016

How much is my face worth?

This is not a new and original post so I'll get right into it.

Note: When reading this, have in mind that I wear almost minimal make-up and I'm not a professional nor even "Instagram good", but I am trying to get better at this. I also have my favorite brand which is Essence, but, in general, I usually buy cheaper or more affordable make-up. I also don't own five closets/desks/drawers full of make-up so I'll list down the cheapest of all that I got.

Every day look without much time:
Total for every day look: $26

Every day look with some extra time (first look + ...):
Total for extra every day look: $40.50

I do not own any photos. These are all taken from the links listed above and made into a collage.
I hope you like this. Feel free to write down suggestions for some new good make-up. :)

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