24 October 2016

DIY: Rhinestone phone case

Phone cases with rhinestones have been so popular lately. Since they're a bit pricier, I decided to make my own, unique case. Most of these cases are gold or silver, but why make what everybody is expecting, when there are colors! Also, I have a thing for airplanes so this was my main design I knew I needed to have.

You'll need:
  • blank phone case (white/black/transparent) - I bought mine on eBay
  • rhinestones - from my local hobby shop
  • glue - I used my nail glue (in post here)
  • draw the motive on a piece of paper
  • cut out the drawing
  • place the drawing onto a phone case and outline it with a pencil
  • glue the rhinestones along the outline
  • glue the rest of the rhinestones around your main design
  • find a good glue - this one is awesome, but I used an old one so it was really hard to work with
  • take your time - it took me around two hours to do all of it
  • work in small sections - don't apply glue all over cause it will dry and you'll have to reapply it
  • stack rhinestones one next to another - don't just place the big ones somewhere and hope you'll work your way with the others cause you probably won't be able to place them all how you imagined
  • buy some transparent spray (I don't know if hair spray will do) - to enhance shine and keep everything in place
I know I messed up the left wing, but oh well... :)

Do you like it? Will you try it? Or have you already done something like this?


  1. That looks so pretty! I love the look of rhinestone cases, I'd like a gold and blue ocean themed one x

    1. I had some free time and inspiration so... :D
      thank you! :*
      it's so freaking easy to do, so just google your theme and play with it :D