30 November 2017

Intro to Blogmas

I don't write many info posts, but I've written two in such a short time period. What's happening? Anyway, this year I'm announcing something new on my blog.
It was so much fun to make this picture!
This year, I'll do Blogmas. This is not new, but I've never done it. I know the point of Blogmas should be posting each day with short posts of all kinds, preferably with Christmas theme. Or so I've seen so far.
For this Blogmas I'll change my schedule from posting two times a week to posting three times a week. Chosen days are Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Also, if you've been following me and reading my blog for a while you noticed that I don't do much beside reviews and new-in posts. I focus mainly on make-up, fashion and nails. I do put in some hair or DIY posts every now and then too. I also have a separate category named "Life" where all my lifestyle posts should go. There aren't many posts there. Not sure how and when that will change, but I'm definitely changing something for this Blogmas.

New schedule for Blogmas:
  • Monday - 11 a.m. (11:00) CET
  • Wednesday - 7 p.m. (19:00) CET
  • Saturday - 6 a.m. (06:00) CET
This December I'll give you 12 posts with 11 of them being related to Christmas and New Year's Eve. I already thought of all 11 so you'll see make-up looks, fashion, DIY and some other posts and ideas. If you have any requests or ideas for this Blogmas, feel free to contact me where ever.
I really hope you'll like this Christmas themed month, but I'm so freaking excited that I just had to dedicate the whole month of blogging to it.

Are you excited for holidays?

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