20 November 2017

Signal White now touch

I've wanted to go and get my teeth whitened for such a long time. In my opinion I have nice teeth, but their color always bugs me. They're actually pretty white, but I want that Hollywood smile, you know.
I've found some dental offices which would do this for me, but they're usually really expensive and most of them go with removing one or few layers of your tooth enamel which ultimately ruins your teeth. There are also those whiteners with light and some other options as well. However, I'm too scared they'll all ruin my teeth so I opted for this more affordable solution.
Signal White now touch is a teeth whitening pen. It has immediate whitening effect which is optical and only temporary. Do not keep near heat or kids. For oral usage only. Avoid contact with fabric/clothes because it can stain them. Do not use on fake teeth. Zero abrasive. Instant white. The make-up for your smile. Click, touch, smile.
Pen comes in a box divided into 2 sections. One has the pen and the other one is for instructions. It was made really well so the pen wouldn't bounce around the box. It doesn't say anywhere how much product is actually in there, but we'll assume the pen is full with fluid. It costs around $13.
The first time I used it, I had to click about 15 times for any product to come out. This is standard issue with all products you need to pump out like this. When a bluish liquid comes out, you're supposed to apply it on clean dry teeth. I wiped mine with a tissue. Brush is flat and soft. It makes application really easy. The hard part is waiting for the liquid to dry without touching your teeth. I held my mouth opened for about 30 seconds. In that time I probably touched my teeth somehow and I maybe should have held them opened for longer time. Liquid has a stronger minty scent and it reminded me of a regular toothpaste.
I don't know if you'll be able to see any difference in these photos. That's why I put some color differences between before and after. I can only tell you it works. Kinda. I did see some difference, but I didn't exactly get my Hollywood smile. However, change was more visible in person than it is here (at least, that's what I remember). Also, my teeth seem bluish cause that's the color of the liquid and I guess it has something to do with reflecting light and making my teeth appear whither.
After few hours, teeth were still looking fine, even after drinking. However, later I ate and it all went down the drain. I think food moved the layer and it kinda crumbled and it didn't look appealing. I seriously doubt people would notice, but I examined my teeth thoroughly and, of course, I noticed.

Verdict? I would say it's maybe the safest way to whiten your teeth. And effective immediately. The change is not huge, but definitely noticeable. Also, it all goes back to normal after washing your teeth. It should be OK if you talk or drink. However, you'll have some minor problems after eating.

Any advice how to whiten my teeth? Have you tried this product?


  1. I've always wanted to try getting my teeth whitened, too, I drink a lot of soda so I feel like they aren't super white. Products like this usually are good at removing surface stains. I think I can see a bit of a difference, maybe over time it would be more obvious! :)

    1. Difference is definitely more visible in person but it's nothing over the top. Longer usage wouldn't make the difference cause it's not permanent and goes away after brushing your teeth. It's not bad, but I'm not blown away by it either :)